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May 10, 2008


Recent events have prompted me to reconsider my decision to make my blog private, and I have now thought I should return at least part of it to the public gaze. Why, you may ask? Well, chiefly the antics of one anthony bennett, disgraced ex-solicitor, for one. Despite being found guilty of breaching a serious court undertaking, NOT to continue accusing the McCanns of covering up Madeleine’s death, and despite publicly declairing, on live television, he was now going to walk away from the case, he has, in fact, done the complete opposite. He is now completely out of control, and is spreading his message of libel and hate as fast as his fingers can type. So, with that in mind, I thought I should deliver a timely reminder as to what kind of man his followers are blindly following. There is nothing new here, at least not yet. It is all posts I made several years ago, but it is all still as relevant today as it was then. Time to add to the exposure of this mountebank for the liar he truly is.

Secondly, there is the subject of a certain sacked, disgraced and criminally convicted Portuguese ex-cop, goncalo amaral. His recent, ever more bizzare claims, about government cover-ups and secret service involvement, take his already far-fetched and ill-concieved theories about what happened to Madeleine, and make them seem almost plausible by comparison. I say ‘almost’ plausible, because not one shred of evidence has ever been found to back up his, frankly, impossible claims, and his thesis as a whole doesn’t stand even the briefest of scrutiny. As for his actions during the libel trial in June 2014, sacking his lawyer moments before the court was to come to session, well, that just exposed him as a cold-hearted, cynical coward. It still beats me why some people look up to him. Further reading on this man can be found here.

Further posts may appear, as and when I can find the time.

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