A Daily Prayer.

Every day I try to remember to say the Lord’s Prayer in my head, usually while driving to work. But not long after Madeleine’s abduction I wrote this. I now also say this one, after the Lord’s Prayer. If you too, are spiritual, you may also like to say this in prayer to whichever God you worship each day.

Dear Lord,

Please look after little Madeleine McCann,

Keep her safe, and far from harm,

Send her back to her loving family as soon as possible,

Give her family the strength to continue to endure until that time,

And punish the evil people who say wicked things about them on the internet.


Latest update: 05 April, 2010.

Over the last year I have been saying another prayer, in addition to the previous one, and I thought perhaps you might like to share this one too.

Jesus Christ our Lord,
please come into my life,
give me the courage, the strength and the wisdom
to know best how to deal with the evil on the internet,
help me to understand if I have a part in your plans,
and ensure that goncalo amaral, tony bennett and Madeleine’s abductors
all face final justice for their crimes.


10 Responses to “A Daily Prayer.”

  1. Beryl Says:

    Hi Nigel that prayer is lovely i can tell it comes from the heart.

  2. Nigel Nessling Says:

    Thank you Beryl, it does. Sometines, at the weekends, or on holidays, when my routene is broken, and I realise I forgot to say it that day, I really get mad with myself, I feel Madeleine thinks I forgot about her that day, and really beat myself up about it. Crazy, isn’t it?! But that’s the way I am, I suppose.

  3. Maria Says:

    I join you in that prayer Nigel, and I pray that Our Lord will be close to Kate and Gerry as they have had to spend another day without their little Madeleine. May she be found soon. May God forgive and correct those who are less charitable to her family, and transform their hearts and minds so that Satan cannot get a foothold in the lives of anyone connected to Madeleine in any shape or form, or word. St. Michael, please protect every child in the world tonight, especially missing children, especially Madeleine. May God rebuke Satan and cast all his works into the pits of everlasting destruction forever. Amen.

  4. Nigel Nessling Says:

    Maria, I have total respect for you too, and have sent you an e-mail.

  5. Adrian Upshon Says:

    Hello Maria, the way I see things about religion is if you believe in God it doesn’t matter how you talk to him or through who or even where. Thats a matter of personal choice. But the main thing is if you believe in and love God then thats all that matters. So I have total respect for you too.

  6. grandparents Says:

    hello Nigel
    found your poem so moving – it will be such a lovely one to include with prayers – thank goodness you are here

  7. amanda Says:

    Hi, had to write to say that I too pray for Madeleine every day. I have a daughter the same age as Madeleine and it breaks my heart, it truly does. Your website is wonderful, I look every day. Your thoughts are very interesting and give me renewed hope that Madeleine will be returned to her family where she belongs – I hope this is very soon. Keep up the good work. x

  8. Helen Says:

    Thanks Nigel, its really comforting to connect with Madeleine’s friends – keep the faith.

  9. john wearne Says:

    Bless you for your prayers for madeleine. full restoration!

    Feel free to join us on Dec 05th for the third madeleine mccann prayer day.

    john wearne (founder madeleine prayer circle)

  10. Suk Kirkwood Says:

    Hey, wonderful blog by the way. Really enjoyed digging into the deeper issues around this. I personally think that Jesus is a ver difficult figure in history to put in a box, as to whom he actually was. I have spent alot of time reading about him, and the more I do, the less I manage to put him in a box. Once I was able to get over the whole historicity of christian scriptures, I have been enthralled in it.

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