Since having had all my personal details culled from numerous and dispirate websites around the world, and collated into one nice, neat little package, and posted on a purile and hate-filled anti-McCann website, I am now understandably cautious about posting my personal life anywhere on the internet, even on my own site!

So I will keep it simple. I am 56 years old, married, with three children and two grandchildren. I have spent most of my working life in the aviation industry, and now work for the British army as a technician on their new Apache attack helicoptor.

My hobbies include hotrodding and customising old cars, to make them look better and go faster, playing computer games, and sci-fi. I am a big ‘Star Trek’ fan, but in my opinion the best TV series, of any genre, is the remade ‘Battlestar Galactica’. Favourite films are ‘Blazing Saddles’, ‘Pearl Harbour’ and more receintly, ‘Avatar.’ Musically I am a bit of an old headbanger, liking Meatloaf, Deep Purple, Status Quo, Iron Maiden and Linkin Park, but in my collection you will also find Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, ZZ Top, a great many rock ‘n’ roll artists, the Monkee’s and even some Glenn Miller!

I have never been much for solving mysteries, being more of a ‘do-er’ than a ‘thinker’ and I still cannot grasp why this particular little girl has gotton so deeply under my skin!

Below is a pic of my 220bhp, Rover V8 powered 1965 Ford Zodiac, taken last summer. The paintwork was still ‘work-in-progress!’ I hope to have it more presentable this summer, when it will become my only means of transport. I don’t like modern cars! My youngest daughter is keen to follow in my footsteps, and I take her to many car shows throughout the summer, and she now helps me when working on the Zody, passing the spanners! We are currently building a 1/4 scale fully working plastic model of a Dodge Hemi V8 engine, which we are both greatly enjoying!

And THIS is what I want to build one day!!


27 Responses to “About”

  1. Kate Says:

    Hi Nigel!

    Congrats on your site -you’ve done a great job and I’m sure it will go from strength to strength.

    I love that car in the video – I want one!!:))

    Cheers, Katex

  2. Maria Says:

    Blimey Nigel. Youre much more goodlooking than I imagined, and younger. I thought youd be more like um.. er. .. Ian McKellern (Gandalf). Still, nice to ‘meet’ you as such. Just got hubby up to have a look at your pic. He smiled at me for being so daft. Im 55 and plump. Like Bob Dylan, ans you may have guessed. I ADORE the Strawbs, whom I have met 3 times now. Fantastic band, lovely manners. Poetic, artistic and extremely gifted, all of them. I like Neil Young; my husbands a Deadhead! Ive lately taken a liking to Damien Rice. I love art, photography, modelmaking. Im not just a religious person. I like nature and love animals. Im a vege. Thats about it really. Anyway, nice to meet you Nigel. Hope your site is beneficial to Kate and Gerry, and lets hope something useful and helpful to Madeleines Happy Destiny materialises very soon. God Bless her. Regards, m x

  3. Nigel Nessling Says:

    Kate, carefull, becoming a hotrodder is a slippery slope!

    Maria. GANDALF?!? Oh well, it could have been worse, it could have been Golum!!

    You’re both very welcome, and thank you for the kind words!

  4. Tezza Says:

    Great job on the website!

    Good luck with it and hope it goes from strength to strength.

    Admin of Find Madeleine forum.
    Great job on the website!

    Good luck with it and hope it goes from strength to strength.

    Admin of Find Madeleine forum.

  5. Rosiepops Says:

    Hi Vee

    I have just been riding about in that V8 thing, how do people see out of the windscreen? It is like looking through a pillar box!
    I must say you are not at all like I imagined you to be and you do scrub up well it has to be said!
    By the way can I have my lamp back please and who put a fluffy skirt on it?
    I would show you a pic of myself only like you, I do not want to drop into the vipers den!
    You got me thinking, wasn’t there a Triumph V8? Really fast car!

    Rosie x

  6. Rosiepops Says:

    Or was it a V 10? Duh I dunno! lol

  7. Nigel Nessling Says:

    Hi Rosie, you’re too kind! You can have the lamp back anytime, just pop round! Yes, truimph DID make a V8, it was only fitted to the Triumph Stag sports car, and was not generally successful, being prone to overheating and warping the heads.

  8. Matthew James Says:

    Excellent site mate …. will e-mail you when I get chance. Most impressed

  9. zodiaclove Says:

    I don’t agree with what you said really….
    please ellaberate a bit more for me :d


  10. Nigel Nessling Says:

    Hi Pedro, I have tried to contact you via e-mail, but my message keeps getting returned? I’ll pass on a message to your friend, Alex.

  11. Pedro Silva Says:

    My friend, one question: I have already read everything below the word About on the right corner. About Rennes – le – Chateau (part 2) you say all intersect with Rennes – le – Chateau. I wonder if she is at Rennes – le – Chateau or near this church or even at L´Eglise du Ste Marie Madeleine. What do you thnk of this? Waiting for your answer soon. Regards. Your friend. Pedro.

  12. Pedro Silva Says:

    Maybe it´s a good idea to check these two churches very thoroughly. What do you think, Nigel my friend? Who knows. Waiting for your answer. Regards. Your friend. Pedro.

  13. Pedro Silva Says:

    JUst to say: Positive thoughts of this day: One person can make a positive difference. Thousands and millions of persons worldwide together, can achieve positive goals. Every positive efforts helps. Madeleine deserves this, she deserves to be reunited alive and unharmed and safely returned to her parents. All missing children worldwide deserves this too. Let´s all please be positive about this outcome about sweet Madeleine McCann andf of course about all missing children worldwide. Let´s all pleasse continue to show positive support to the McCann family, by keep them and Madeleine in our daily prayers, in our daily thoughts, in our hearts, and let´s bring her safely returned to her parents where she really belongs, and I say the same about all missing children worldwide.

  14. clairesy Says:

    hi vee8,

    is that you!!Wow!!Your cute for 50 LOL

    Thought you were older…..NO…im not chatting you up,just paying you a compliment!!
    you site is great,really good for that matter.

    Take care vee8 talk soon XX

  15. Pedro Silva Says:

    My friends, a thought has come in to my mind, I urge to all the supporters of the McCann family, please, to buy a t-shirt about sweet Madeleine McCann, or wristbands of hope or any other article which can be found at the official site http://www.findmadeleine.com
    and also spread posters of her which can be downloaded at the same official site. Thank you all for your support. Regards. Your friend. Pedro.

  16. bjr Says:

    Please could you supply me email where I can contact you. I have removed the two threads

    • Nigel Nessling Says:

      Thank you for your prompt response to my request. Your quick action is much appreciated. I have e-mailed you with my contact details. Experience has shown how dangerous it is to put my details up in public.

  17. ali Says:

    BrokenBrains is moaning on about you at the 3a’s cult site. I do so wish she would stfu, she comes across like a raving loon.


  18. Pedro Silva Says:

    Request of help: my friend, as you know, Emily´s father is appealing for help, can you please spread his website and convince people to donate to help the search for Emily Machado? Every penny helps. He established an account, but, so far, no one is donate, and he is desperate to see his daughter with him again? Can you help? Here is the link of his website:

    Also spread it on the news, TV stations, Radio stations, newspapers, magazines. Please, help. Thank you.

  19. Joanna Says:

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon this today. Of course I love happy “coincidences” like you and I myself have discovered much of the material you have on this website. It’s nice to see it all here in one nice little package. Keep up the good work!

  20. Celaunlammili Says:


    Great forum – nigelnessling.wordpress.com, how did you promote your forum so good ?

    This is a nice community but I struggled to find a good category for this.

    I think this is the right category, but feel free to move this post if its in the wrong place

    I spent forever looking on google, until I found this community – its quite small but looks fun to talk to.


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  21. Pedro Silva Says:

    Please, I urge to everyone, please, to take a look at this site, join to the forum, and help: http://www.FindAdji.com
    If any of you sees him, please contact immediately 1-800-CRIME-TV
    he is a disabled missing child. Thank you. Please continue to show support to the McCann family, please. continue to pray for sweet Madeleine McCann´s safe return, please, continue to spread posters of her, plesse, continue to donate, please, but t-shirts and wristbands of hope and other articles which can be found at the official site: http://www.findmadeleine.com
    If you see her, make noise, make a scene, ask her full name, show a poster or photo of her parents and ask her the names of her parents, of her twins, pay attention to the license plate of car, license plate of a bike, take a photo without being noticed, call authorities without being noticed by those who are with her. She is still somewhere out there waiting to be found, waiting to be returned to her parents where she really belongs. Do the same about all missing children worldwide. Thank you.

  22. Tezza Says:

    Thank you Pedro for pointing us to the Find Adji website. We have an ever gorwing section dedicated tto missing children worldwide at the Find Madeleine forum, I will ensure that we dedicate a thread especially forr Adji. Just as with any missing child, highlighting his case is vital.

    Mag God guide Adji, Madeleine McCann and all missing children worldwide home to their loved ones.

    Admin of the Find Madeleine forum.

  23. Get Your Ex Back Says:

    My fellow on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

  24. Pedro Silva Says:

    My friends, just to say new holiday packs now available at the official website http://www.findmadeleine.com also at this oficial website a new e-fit, please, go there, and if you go on holidays, please consider to but the new holiday packs from the oficial website, please, spread posters of her, keep your eyes and ears wide open, take a good look, please, at the new e-fit at the official website, please, continue to pray for her safe return, also please donate to help find sweet Madeleine, every bit helps, also please, do the same for all missing children worldwide. Thank you.

  25. DonnoB122 Says:

    Just stopping by to say hi,

    Love your site..

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