Madeleine and Rennes-le-chateau, part 1.

So, what is this all about? Why have I set up a whole website about Madeleine? Well, for me it all started about the second week after Madeleine disapeared, when I became overwhelmed by this overpowering feeling that, not only was she still alive and unharmed, but that also that she held some special significance for the future. But at that time I was unsure of just what.

Now I should tell you that for many years I have had the belief that we are rapidly reaching the time of the final battle and the second coming, and I began to think Madeleine’s future return would be seen by many as a miracle, and to me a sign of said coming event. This sense was reinforced when after a few more days of pondering the significance of it all Kate and Gerry visited the Pope. Now who’s the one man in the world who can OFFICIALLY declare something as a miracle?! Also at about this time I remembered once watching a Discovery channel programme on the book ‘ The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’ I remembered vaguely some references to the second coming on there, so I went and bought a copy, to see what I could find.

As some of you are probably aware, the book deals with the theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, had children and started a Holy dynasty, a Royal bloodline. But it seems the authors didn’t start out that way though. They were originally investigating the mystery of the small church at Rennes-le-Chateau. Apparently, during the late nineteenth century, the church was renovated, at huge expense, by the local pastor who, inexplicably, became very rich, almost overnight. It was said it would have been cheaper to have had a new church built. Money seemed no object, and he used only the finest painters and sculptors, BUT, almost all the paintings seemed to have mistakes or anomalies, apparently deliberately put in them. Latin phrases dotted around the church were also oddly spelt, with incorrect grammar. It has been said he was trying to hide something in some sort of code, but so far no one has been able to crack it. The authors then gave a couple of examples. Dealing with the paintings there is a series of fourteen paintings in a circuit around the church to do with the stations of the cross, familiar to most Catholics, i.e. the stages from Jesus’ trial and condemning to death, to his crucifixion. They pointed out that the painting at station eight had a child wrapped in a Scots tartan blanket! Can you imagine how hard I twitched when I read that!

On to the internet that instant, and for the rest of the evening, looking for sites on Rennes-le-chateau. I found an excellent one, which I had been constantly referring to until about mid-august, when it suddenly and mysteriously just disappeared, but fortunately I did save some pics from it, which I have attached. I’ll come back to the tartan blanket in a mo. The site had many images of the paintings from the church, including the one that first piqued my interest, and the next one that caught my eye was the painting from station ten.

In the lower left corner are three dice. The top two are a three and a five, the lower one a four. Madeleine was taken on the third of the fifth, aged four

The five dice has an unusual centre spot however, like it was split in half, as if it was trying to be two numbers at once, or maybe halfway between five and six. Again I’ll come back to it.

The third painting is from the front of the altar.

The website author included a close-up of the top left corner, and states that what looks like a ruin at first glance is in fact an initial M with a full-stop. The figure to the left of the M looks like a 1. If so, it could indicate first, and Madeleine is Kate and Gerry’s first born child.

There’s more. On the outside of the church, above the door, is a Latin inscription, terribellis est locus ist, or ‘This is a terrible place’ Odd thing to put on a church, don’t you think?! But imagine then, if your beloved daughter was kidnapped, you don’t know where she is or even if she’s alive. The police are desperately trying to frame you for it, the press print lies about you, the public turn against you and you get hate mail. Can you imagine being in a more terrible place?

But the most intriguing thing was his working out of the numbers involved. I wish the damn site was still up, so I could provide a link, but he does a whole lot of number crunching, using the numbers of each of the stations, to come up with the number 168, and says for some reason this number is very significant. At first I thought it was a date, 16th of August, but sadly no Madeleine in the news. Then I thought it could be 168 days. This was the 18th of October. Now this tallied up with the dice, in more ways than one. If the 5-6 dice was actually meant to be five and a half, then counting from the third of may, rather than the first, the 18th of Oct was EXACTLY five and a half months later. Also if you add up all the possible face values of the dice, 3, 4, 5, AND 6 you get 18. 18 spots in station 10. Eighteenth of the tenth. I was absolutely convinced THIS was ‘M’ day! But STILL no Madeleine. To say I was gutted when she didn’t turn up on this date would be an understatement. However, something tells me that date is still significant in all of this, we just won’t know until she is returned.


17 Responses to “Madeleine and Rennes-le-chateau, part 1.”

  1. andrea preston Says:

    The inscription above the door comes from Genesis 28 v17 and refers to Jacob’s dream at Bethel. If you check the Bible you will note that Bethel was previously called Luz. living in Glastonbury UK, I am well aware of what is going on, which is a self fullfilling prophecy i.e using Revelations as a blue print to change the world. adults can do what they like as long as it does not harm children. It is time for the adults responsible to release Madeleine and return her to her parents. She is not who they think she is, nor is she an avatar of the Magdalene or a Kumari. I am not going to reveal any more for the sake of an innoocent little girl.

  2. Alexandre Says:

    andrea preston, can you elaborate more ? Are you willing to share your ideas by e-mail ?

  3. andrea preston Says:

    Further to my comments re Madeleine and the forthcoming Armageddon. i refer to this a self fullfilling prophecy in that it is being engineered by those who want to see the end of this current age. For centuries cults have been waiting for Paradise to come to earth, the difference now is that we have 21st century technology to enable this process. However, Jesus said you will not konw the time or the hour and that he would give no sign, oly the sign of Jonah.
    Arcadia, whilst referring to the paradise of Pan, derives from the Mesopotamian era which included Sargon the Great. Thes peoples came from Anatolia, and were the Shepherd Kings and referred to as Hyksos by the Egyptians.
    I can not say any more with regards to Madeleine asit could interfere with security operations. There has been a misunderstanding of the nature of Renees le Chateau . I beklieve that my ancestor, Dr William Price may have met with Abbe Henri Boudet, when he was in France. The secret that they may have uncovered through research into the Celtic/Welsh languages is that they indicate that the Welsh in particular are the Mittani, a people related to the Hurrians, Hittitites and Israelites. They married into the the families of Amenhotep III and Akhnaten. This is why there are stories of Egyptians coming to Britain (it is easy to confuse M/B/P). The welsh call themmselves Cymraig because ‘Waleia’ means foreigner as does Hyksos. The grail refers to the cup that Joseph put in his brother Benjamin’s cup, transferring kingship. In other words the Welsh royal bloodline may derive from Egyptian/Israelite marriage, through Benjamin and not though any marriage between MM and Jesus.
    There is a great interest in the Celtic history, much of which is manufactured. Madeleine was taken on 3rdMay 2007 because the Scootish elections were being held and the 1st May marked the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union between Scotland and England. The skull in paintings indicates that it is Mary Magdalene who is being portrayed, hence the skull and crossbones which appear to be all the vogue.
    The inscription refers to the place where jacob met with God, an awesome and terrifying event. Hence people can meet with God in the church, the House of God….Beth -El.
    itis possible that on 20 dec 2012, New Agers intend to announce the coming of the New Age, on Tor Hill (Tower Hill) Glastonbury and reveal Madeleine, the Swan Princess/ Bridget. Magdala refers to a Watch tower i.e. the Towr on Tor Hill which will frme the rising of the first sun of the New Age

    • Inanna of the Rose Says:

      Andrea Preston, My own research and feelings have lead me to a very simalar conclusion in fact I am writing a historical fiction on the info that I have gathered. I would be interested in hearing more from you, you can contact my email, for more info.

      I do find that your connecting Madeleine to the Grail is very intriging, Alexandre. I would like to be able to include your site within my research if that is ok with you. I to found a website that talked of Rennes-le-Chateau that is no longer availible, as well as one on the subject of ancient ruins in Fayum, Egypt that according to my research plays a part some how.

  4. Alexandre Says:

    Whow … Very interesting article. Sorry I didn’t write to you early but only now I’ve saw your post. Thank you very much, Andrea, for the explanation.

  5. Alexandre Says:

    Inanna of the Rose, I think you have misunderstood me 🙂
    The site and the theory it’s not mine; it’s Nigel that owns this site and claims this theory regarding Madeleine and the Grail. I don’t have anything to do with it at all, I don’t have anything to do with Madeleine case at all, so you will have to ask Nigel for permission to include the site on your research, I guess, and not me !
    Best regards.

  6. Andrea M Preston Says:

    Many thanks. Not doing any research or making any books etc. Just trying to findout the truth.

  7. Maggy Says:

    All these ideas of something meaningful behind Madeleine´s abduction is only a fiction. The meaning of her abduction or the reason for it is only going to be known when she is found. That is why we should only look for hard evidence and strong leads, but not using our minds to make up stories and connect her abduction with some religious signs that are made by people who think religious signs are something meaningful.

    Believing there might be higher purpose behind this cruel act is just cruel in it´s own way. It´s like watching a person being hurt badly and saying there must be some higher purpose behind this.

    One thing that Madeleine´s abduction has done for the world is that people are more aware of these matters in general. For that we can thank her parents that no matter how much blame they have to face they still go on looking for her and use the media. Perhaps the reason for many parents of missing children haven´t gone as far as the Mccanns is that they are aware of the blaming game too many people play against parents of missing children and the unbelievable stories people make up around missing children.

    We should all pay attention to facts not fictions.

    • Edward Sheridan Says:

      My daughter was kidnapped and taken abroad in 2001 by religious nutcases and my reason for not going as far as the McCanns was that I did not have total faith in the police. I worried that if they involved interpol they would bungle it and I would never see her again. Through her maternal grandparents, inch by inch, year by year we found where my daughter was (Africa) and we brought her back. It took five terrible years. She now lives with me, is studying performing arts, and I look at her every day and believe in miracles.
      Despite every piece of evidence to the contrary I think Madeleine is alive, my heart goes out to the McCanns, and I pray they will have their daughter returned to them. Just don’t rule out the idea that there is a symbolic religious motive for the kidnapping of Madelein.

  8. Maroon Says:

    Certainly, if anything miraculous was to come from this terrible circumstance, is that the good in the world are now aware of the evil being perpetrated on terra by and through humans in high places. Who would have known, without seeing and feeling Madeleines shining spirit in her photos, that such evil as organised paedophilia existed. Always, it was a single act, but now we are seeing that it is widespread, vile. I am beginning to see that perhaps this is part of the final great war, not a war of soldiers and guns, but where the good average joe and jane stand up and shout against this horror in every corner of the globe. After all, paedophiles are only men (mainly) flesh and bone, & can be defeated!

  9. Maroon Says:

    And don’t forget, for evil to flourish, good men & women must do nothing.
    When we elect our political leaders, be sure we know the real person being elected.

  10. Matthew C. Kriner Says:

    Seriously happy i stumbled upon this excellent website, will make sure to book mark it so i can visit regularly.

  11. Susy Ting Says:

    I took away a lot useful thoughts from this entry and will definitely keep it in my bookmarks. Thanks for the effort you took to write about this topic so throroughly. I look forward to future posts.

  12. MADMADD Says:

    I think therefire I see.

  13. MADMADD Says:

    The symbolisma of the tenth station of the cruxifiction showing the stripping of the body of Christ is a babblonian codea referring to the coating of the body of the last Grand Master of the Knights Templay Jacques de Molay in 1299 with iron oxide earth pigment from southern France to create the body of Christ image imprint on the so-called “Shroud of Turin” cloth. Besides being supernaturally insane I am remarkably endowed with the facility of Sherlockian deduction which enables me to decipher the enigma of Mary I. Magine` of Magdala at Rennes le Chatae`. There are numerous clues: first, the red cloak of the Roman soldier being held up across the cross refers to the red cross (Rosicrucians) of the military order that was embroidered on their white robes and flag– Pierre Plantard referred to this as Le Serpent Rouge` (the red serpent) in his Dossiers` Secretes` (Secret Dossiers/Dossiers of Secrets) symbolizing BOTH the blood of Christ and the Messianic bloodline of Jesus and Mary the Magdalene according to the gospel analogy of Christ the Son of Man (of the Manor/Roman) being lifted up on the cross as the bronze serpent standard was lifted up in the desert by Moses for the healing/wealing/dealing of the peopole; secondly, the body of Christ is apparently willingly being stripped or DIvested of its WHITE SHROUDlike robe to be transvested (transubstantiated) into immortality as Jaques de Molay voluntarily participated in the Knights Templay conspiracy of the relic forgery, giving his body and blood as the “role-model” for the figure imprint; thirdly, the left side hand of the figure covers the diaphragmic center of the torso as a diagrammic where the waterstain is located on the “Shroud-figure” cloth from the fire extinguishment when the shroud was slightly burned in the sexteenth century; fourthly, the soldier kneeling at the genital level of the body of Christ indicates he expects to see SOMETHING exposed (a secret?) much like the “Shroud-figure” is depicted as totally naked and coverting its otherwise bare genitals with its hands; fifthly, the standing soldier stripping the body of Christ and looking directly at him facially while doing so is wearing armor but also a non-Roman headveil with what appears to be a star insignia on the frontal knot, referring to the rumor of the time that the Knights Templay in Palestinae` had converted from Christiananity to Islam and/or Judaism while there and some had been circumscribed when they apostalosized or apostraphized; sixthly, and MOST noticeably, is the man to the left side of the body of Christ figure with his hand on the other kneeling Roman soldier and who is the ONLY figure fully facing frontally towards the viewer: he apparently wears a golden oil-lamp bowl with spout facing forward on his head, indicating his conciousness is enlightened by the fire of Divine Mind lit by the charismatic oil of the Holy Spirit. The caplike shape of it with shallow projecting base slightly suggesting the crest of a Roman soldier’s helmet is also reminiscent of a Jewish rabbi’s yamulka and a Christian monk’s as well as the caplike thorn crown markings of the “Shroud-figure’s” head symbolizing “no pain no gain of wisdom”. Thinking hurts like a bitch and I should know because I’ve done a Hell of alot of it until it nearly drove me insane and BEYOND into supernatural genius. The REALLY fascinating coincidentality of this figure with the image imprinted on the shroud is the reason it was designed to face frontally towards the viewer: it has a peculiarly cleft-shaped beard of the extent of a rabbi NOT a Roman soldier of the time similar to that of the “Shroud-figure’s”; it has a similarly pronounced or heavily emphasized moustache and thick lower lip and fine nose; the extent of beard is heavier one side of the head than the other as with the “Shroud-figure’s” and a long strand of hair falls down each side of the head, which fact someone obviusly wanted to disguise by damaging it in that area to the left; and MOST significantly the rust-brown color of its robe is of the same tone as the “Shroud-figure” image and is swathed around the head as the shoulder image area is around that of the “Shroud-figure” while one side transmutes into flesh color, indicating a TOTALLY naked body similarly coated is being referred to like that depicted on the shroud. Furhermore the eyes of the head while resembling in shape those of the “Shroud-figure” are blue; NOT the typical color of the ancient Italians (OR Jews for that matter) of that time who had dark brown or blaque eyes. This is a clue of northern European ethnicity of the character and Jaques was from northern France and mixed Germanic ancestry. Other hystorical clue symbolism is that of the unusual blue color of the left side kneeling Roman soldier’s cloak and the red of the raised one. The combination of these two colors (red and blue) in vestment was emblenatic of Mary the Mother of Christ, but combined with the corner wall tower of the city of Jerusalem in the background refers to Mary the Magdalene ( meaning “of the tower”) as the mother of Jesus’ children. It could also refer to the Mary of Rome to whom the apostle Paul mentions greetings in his epistle to the Romans. There is furhermore alchemical symbolisms in the armor of the soldiers referring to the transmutation of metals into gold or silver through the cloaking with sulphur and mercury (quicksilver) as well as spiritual sybolism representing the goldenly good soul shining in the silvery light of its purity transmogrified from the dung-enswathed cover of the flesh body presented as the brown-clothed soldier kneeling with both one knee and the LEFT (sinister) foot on the silvery shield, which, like the feet of the Christ figure, lay in a trail of the rusty brown verdpgris indicative of the dung-earth-rust coating that formed the dead Christfigure image on the shroud from the LIVE body of Jaques de Molay. And yes, the dice dot numbers the Roman soldier is rolling DO mean something: they are 3/4/and supposedly 5 with the central fifth split half= 2.5=2+5=7 and 3+4=7 and 7+7=14 and 1+4=5 and 7×7=49 and 4+9=13 and 1+3 =4 and the repetitively emphasized number of 4+5=9 which is the “eternal number” and 3+9=12 which 1+2=3 which is the first number of this set and the two sevens to “week” numbers add up to the middle of a month or the ides of the full moon in the modern gregorian calendar of the time as depicted in the entombment scene station of the body of Christ and 49 is the number of days before the final pentecostal day of the Pesach (Passover) Festival and the number of years before the fiftieth of the Jewish Jubilee Year of Freedom. THESE are NOT the rabblings of an insaniac they are the wisdom of a maniac: the Nautonnier of the Priorie` de Sion.

  14. MADMADD Says:


  15. MADMADD Says:

    I was WRONG I was WRONG OH GOD I AM INSANE!!!!!!!!! Oh well, I was wrong. What I wrote about the Knights Templay and Jacques de Molay was wrong. That “connection” with the secrete` of Rennes le Chate` was NOT the TRUE sectret! The “secrete`verite`” of the Abbe` Sauniere`of Rennes`was revealed to the Abbe` Riviere`and depicted in the entombment grotto scene at THAT priest’s church of Sainte` Michele` in the village of Esperaza added in the church’s vestibule in the early twentieth century! For those of you whowant to SEE IT go to I will wait for you to do so before telling everyone else……………………………………………………………………………………….NOW it can be revealed. The cement constructed grotto tomb was set up on a “life-size” scale and depicts the body of “Christ” laying in its uncovered sarcophagus on the shroud used to carry it there. But it isn’t wrapped in the shroud so that the (semi) naked TRUTH can be exposed. The body figure is laying there wearing a white loincloth and spotted NOT with the reddish-brown color of dried blood but with those of DECAY! The “body” is undergoing decomposition with the rot-blotches on the face (particularly the tip of the nose which is one of the places it begins) and on the chest and on the arms and the thighs. The eyes of the figure are partially open as those of bodies that have died violent deaths and appear opaque, as IF clouding over with the “glaucoma” of the dead. EVEN the “shroud” is stained with these rusty-brown yellowish splotches as IF it had been covering the body when it started rotting and then someone (such as the viewer) came along and opening the tomb entered it and uncovered both the sarcophagus and the sheet from the “body” to expose the TRUTH— that Jesus was REALLY DEAD; killed from the crucifixion EVEN BEFORE the lance thrust to the heart because no spear wound slit is visible in the side of the torso and there is in fact no blood at all depicted on the “corpse”. In other words, the SECRET was that Jesus REALLY DIED which means he was REALLY DEAD when they buried him which he means he REALLY STAYED DEAD and which therefore thus ultimately means he did NOT RESURRECT from death unto the glorious ascension of eternal life! THIS was a SECRET revealed by a ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST to another ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST during his deathbed confession on January 17, 1917!! And not ONLY THAT, but the other priest ACTUALLY commissioned the TRUTH about NOT the death of Jesus Christ (who the Babble states would not suffer the corruption of death, in order to arise to immortality again) but about that of the hu-man Jesus the son of Joseph! And in a CHURCH which is SUPPOSED to be the House of Goddi dedicated to the Sum of God Jesus Christ!! There is one more thing about the statue. It has not a thorn “crown” on its head but a VINE wrapped like a “crown” around it– as if indicating that Mary the Magdalene and Jesus the Nazarene WERE married and mated and produced children whose descendants moved to France and became the ancestors of the MeroVINgian Dynasty of kings. Like Jesus Christ, the last such king– Dagobert II– was supposedly apeared to death against a tree trunk. NOW HOW will the French SAVE US?!

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