Madeleine and Rennes-le-Chateau, part 2.

Now, back to that tartan blanket! I did a bit of poking around on tartan websites and found that the McCanns have no tartan of their own, but the Scottish side of the family are entitled to wear, due to close family ties, the tartan of the Macinnes clan. This tartan is a little unusual as, where most genuine clan tartans, rather than the sort you can buy at the local haberdashery to make cushions with, are based on a red or green background the Macinnes tartan, or at least what they call the hunting tartan (And we ARE all hunting for Madeleine) is on a blue background, a colour, incidentally, which is closely associated with Mary Magdalene. Now have a look at the woman holding the child. Look what’s on her wrist. Kind of looks like the ‘Look for Madeleine’ wristband my young daughter and I have been wearing for so long. You’ll have to take my word for this but NO other character in any other painting is wearing one, only this woman. And the woman is not Mary Magdalene, she is in an earlier painting. The web author reckons it is trying to allude to the possibility that Jesus is of Scottish or Celt descent, but then why isn’t HE wearing something tartan, why only the child?

Back to the outside again, above the door is another Latin phrase, loosely translated as ‘By this SIGN you will win’. Remember I said I thought one of the reasons behind this is that Madeleine is a sign of the second coming, and the final battle? A sign that good will finally defeat evil once and for all perhaps? On that point, inside the church are not one but two devil statues. Again both the site author and the writers of Holy blood, Holy grail mention the oddity of this, but I think these represent the twin evils of radicalised, militant Islam and communism, against whom the final battle will be fought, but that’s a whole other story!

The pastor of the church, as mentioned earlier, in the late 1800’s became very wealthy. What did he find? Well the area around R-L-C back in the middle ages was one of the biggest Knights Templars staging areas in France, before they set out for the Holy land, and at one time there was even a castle in the area.

I think now would be a good time to talk a little about the Knights Templar, and the stories of the secret they are said to have been keeping. We are all familiar with who the Templars were, Knights of God, protecting the pilgrims on their jurneys to the Holy land, instantly recognisable by their white tunics with the red cross of Saint George. Over the course of nearly two centuries they accumulated great wealth and power, and unfortunately for them, the emnity of the then king of France Phillip IV. Envious of their wealth and power Phillip conspired to have the Templars falsely accused of heracy, and in one huge overnight swoop almost all Templars were rounded up and tortured into confessing.

Now when the Templars were done over by King Phillip, it was with the full backing of the then Pope. Since then the Freemasons, the spiritual successors of the few surviving Templars, over the centuries have had a grudge with Catholicism. Any Catholic found to be a Freemason usually faces excommunication. In the book, Holy Blood and Holy Grail it is mentioned that the Freemasons may someday take action against the Catholic Church. Now here’s a line of thought. Over the centuries, many people have believed that the Templars were supposedly entrusted a great secret, and that secret to be of the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdeleine. Imagine for a minute they have also secretly been keeping a record of the lineage of descent from Jesus; his bloodline in fact. If Jesus did have kids over two thousand years ago, chances are there would be hundreds of thousands, if not millions of descendants today. However, the most direct descendant would, usually, be through a line through the first-born, as with the Royal family and the heir to the throne today, following each first-born from generation to generation. Assume that each generation would probably have their first child at about the age of twenty, then in each century there would be, at most, five generations. In a millennia that would be fifty and in two thousand years that list of first-born names would only amount to around a hundred. That’s not such a big number, easily fitting on a single page of paper. Now, here’s a good question. Who is Kate and Gerry’s first-born child?!

Now let’s go back to the Templars and their secret. There are two kinds of secret. One that you keep forever and one that you plan to reveal at a particular time. Suppose the Freemasons wanted to bring down the Catholic Church? How about revealing the truth about Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and back it up by producing the most direct descendant of Jesus? Naturally some sort of documented proof would be needed, and it is this I believe the pastor found. That Pastor spent a lot of time in Paris, particularly at the Bibliotheque Nationale. This would be an excellent place to have any ancient writings translated and stored, and was a known place of Freemason activity. What if Madeleine was found with a key on her person, a key to some sort of deposit box, full of ancient manuscripts?!! What sort of explosive impact do you think that would have, not just on the Vatican, but the world? This will expose the long covered up Catholic secret, show Madeleine as the living descendant, and act as a rallying call for the faithful in preparation for the coming battle.

I have long believed this church is the key to all of this, a Church, by the way, called in French, Le Eglise du Ste Marie MADELEINE. Bear in mind also that it is said in the Holy blood, Holy grail that after the crucifixion Mary Magdalene took her daughter and fled to France. Madeleine, the Templars, the Freemasons, the Holy Grail, Mary Magdalene, they all intersect at Rennes-le-Chateau. I have also strongly felt when she is returned, she will be found in a church. If I was a betting man I’d have a pound it will be this one.


7 Responses to “Madeleine and Rennes-le-Chateau, part 2.”

  1. Evelyn Jenkins Says:

    Hi Nigel,
    Fascinating site. Just bear in mind though, that Mary Magdalene was not married to Jesus, nor had a child with him. This was a fiction from people who are not real scholars. This is not to say that some people may believe it is true, without a shred of evidence and have put together a cult following this error.

    The main fight is between the Church and the masons on top of the pyramid and the shadowy Bildeberg Group. (Read Jon Ronson’s Book THEM on them-last chapter in particular) Out for world domination, there will be a powerful motive for this abduction and a lot of money spent hiding her and moving her round. St Mary Magdalene was a great saint of the church and her body buried in the massif central, where the spent the remainder of her life, unmarried preaching the gospel of Christ. She is buried at Baume and her body watched over by Guardians-of the Dominican Brothers. Interestingly her body escaped the rampage of the revolutionaries and was deeply buried and when the Church was rebuilt all rejoiced to find her tomb in tact.Small bones from her body found their way around Europe, one even to the Uk where a French aristocrat gave the nuns of the Convent of Usk a relic of the Saint. A shrine was established there at Usk until the sixteenth century when the shrine was crushed. Efforts are underway to find the site at the moment. She was a powerful preacher and Evangelist but not priest, as Christ only made his apostles priests.

    She may well be found in a church, I agree. But feel the cruelty of anyone depriving a child of its parents for so long says a lot about whether they are any sort of Christian.

    If you want a thought provoking podcast on the Da Vinci Code, listen to the Da Vinci Cast . There are five progammes and you can download them free from the iTunes store or from

  2. Nigel Nessling Says:

    Thank you for your comment! Naturally I respect your view that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were not married, it is certainly a contraversial subject. But at the end of the day there is no proof either way, all we have is our faith in our own beliefs. I have always wondered, even as a child, why Jesus was not married, and I draw great comfort from the thought that maybe he was, just like most people. I certainly think it is more likely than not, but, if I’m right, Madeleine will have the answers for us when she is returned!

  3. AlexM Says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  4. Eleanor Says:

    Fascinating. Keep it coming if you have any more.

  5. marie wallman Says:

    Would’nt the Merovingians technically be Magdalene’s descendants in terms of matrilineal lineage? Cause the belief that she had children is an old belief in Northern Spain. Look at this article I found

    There a painting of her with twins.

  6. Andrea M Preston Says:

    Just read part 2. Here are some interesting thoughts for you. My ancestor Dr William Price of Llantrisant spent timein France as did the Rev ThomasPrice in the mid 1800’s Dr Price may have met Abbe Henri Boudet, possibly through an ironworks connection. In 1830’s, Dr Price stated that all languages were descended from Cymraig/Welsh. In late 1800’s Boudet wrote a book saying virtually the same, a copy of which is in the Bodlein library.
    The Price family are descended from the Lord Rhys- Ap-Rhys. In other words descendants of King Arthur, Arth-Rhys who was buriedin Glastonbury as indicated by the name the ‘Beckery’ i.e. a contraction/corruption of Bedd-y-Rhys, the grave of Rhys….Arth being a corruption of the Roman title tetrach (as in Herod). The church dedicated to Arth-Rhys’ foster brother is just over the river in Street,Llan to Kai. The Cymraig and Cornish have a different DNA to the English and links them to North Africans. Our family line carries an ancient Asian DNA, i.e. from the Anatolian plain. I believe that practise, customs and DNA show that the Cornish and Welsh/British are linked to the 12 tribes of Israel. Possibly the tribe of Benjamin, which is what we named our son before he was ever conceived.
    My husband has Scottish, Irish and Jewish blood. The name Preston indicates that he is descended from Knight’s Templar and the provost of Edinburgh. There may be a link with the the Mc Cann’s through the Irish and Scottish lines. A few years ago an exhibition relatin to the legend of Joseph of Arimathea came to Glastonbury. Two women, connected with witchcraft started shouting at the orginisers precisley at the same time as I had my hand on a replica of the Nanteos cup. Things are much stranger than one could imagine. I believe that Mary Magdalene was of the tribe of Benjamin, a royal house as indicated by the cup that Joseph hid in his brother’s sack. Are the Welsh and Cornish being persecuted yet again by the New Agers because they are linked with the royal houses of Israel, Egypt and The Akkadians, i.e. Sargon the Great? Yes they do have Madeleine McCann and it is about time these child snatchers were brought to justice

  7. Spalawbaphcar Says:

    Lots of of people blog about this subject but you wrote down some true words!!

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