Questions for amaral.

Goncalo Amaral

I mention elsewhere about the now legendary 48 questions that the investigation put to Kate McCann. I clearly showed they were heavily loaded against Madeleine’s best interests, and did nothing towards helping to find her. Kate, quite rightly, refused to answer them.

But there are questions that do need answering, not by Kate, Gerry or their friends, but by the original lead investigator of the case, the criminally convicted goncalo amaral. His name became a byword around the world for incompetence, but to me, there has to be more to it than simply a backwater cop blundering around out of his depth. Not even a first-year police student would have made many of his mistakes. Over the years since Madeleine’s abduction, myself and others have compiled several hundred pertinent questions, but I have distilled them down to these ones, that I personally consider vital to understanding just what game amaral was playing at.
Is it true that you never attended the scene yourself on the night Madeleine was abducted, but coordinated the investigation by phone? Where exactly did you coordinate this investigation from? Is it true you in fact never left the restaurant where you were eating?

Why did you not organise a search for the child IMMEDIATELY?

Why did you expect distraught parents to do YOUR job and secure a crime scene? In view that it was YOUR obligation and YOUR job to see that a crime scene is properly secured, why did YOU allow so many people to contaminate it?

Why did you not consider getting the apartment properly examined by properly trained forensics teams IMMEDIATELY?

Why did you falsely inform the press that the parents contacted Sky News BEFORE calling the police?

Why did you initially refuse Scotland Yard experts help?’

Why did you not order the organisation of the immediate interviewing of all MW staff and residents?

Why did you not order the Spanish borders with Portugal to be informed you had a missing child believed abducted and issue them with photographs and details? Same with the Marina just short distance away, why did you not order the lock down of this Marina? Why did you not inform authorities at the airport?

Why did you allow Mark Warner cleaning staff to come in and clean apartment 5a and then ask Kate McCann why the flat had been cleaned?

Is it true that finger prints were not lifted from this apartment until five days after Madeleine was abducted?

Is it true that the first finger prints lifted from the apartment were not taken properly and had to be re-taken?

Why didn’t the forensics technician taking the finger prints from the shutter and the bedroom window dress appropriately in accordance with international guidelines for taking forensic evidence?

Is it true that proper forensic examination of this flat did not take place until Day 100 after Madeleine was abducted?

Why did you allow apartment 5a to be used by numerous other holiday makers for two out of the three months after Madeleine was abducted?

Did you get in touch with the German police and the Swiss police about two paedophiles known to be in Praia da Luz at the time of Madeleine’s abduction?

Is it true that the witness Mrs Pamela Fenn said she heard A child crying and did NOT say she heard Madeleine crying?

Mr McCann pointed out to you he thought it was odd that the twins remained asleep during all the commotion, did you not think of getting the twins tested and physically examined by a doctor immediately as he suggested?

Why did you not order an immediate circulation of this child’s picture, so people knew who they were looking for? Why did you not issue a public appeal? Do you, as a serving detective, not know the European drill for a missing child believed abducted? Where circulating a photo to the media is considered of VITAL importance?

Did you check the CCTV cameras of people coming in and leaving the resort?

Why didn’t you think of bringing in sniffer dogs from the UK till several months AFTER Madeleine was abducted?

If you felt so strongly that the parents were involved then why allow them to drive their car in for examination?

When the cars were lined up to be exposed to the sniffer dogs, why did you allow this procedure to take place in a public car park, and not a forensically secure environment?

When these cars were lined up to be exposed to the dogs, why did you allow the McCann’s hire car to remain highly identifiable by allowing the ‘Find Madeleine’ bright yellow stickers all over it?

Is it true that the sniffer dogs walked past ALL cars in the line up, INCLUDING the McCann’s hire car, indicating a NEGATIVE? When the dogs walked past this vehicle and FAILED to indicate a positive reaction, why did you insist that they be brought back and walked around the car until they did indicate a positive?

Are you aware that one of the T-shirts the dog alerted to, was NOT Madeleine’s, as you claimed, but in fact Shaun’s?

Is it true that your OWN officers have expressed doubts about the dogs handling, and the way they reacted to the McCann’s hire car?

If, as you recently claimed, Gerry buried Madeleine on the beach, why did the sniffer dogs not react to any of HIS clothes?

Is it true that you misinterpreted the DNA evidence from the FSS in Birmingham UK AND that from the Portuguese forensic science lab?

Why did you ignore the email from John Lowe of the FSS in Birmingham, three days BEFORE you made the McCanns arguidos, warning that the DNA samples were inconclusive? Why did you still proceeded to make The McCanns arguidos?

Why did you then LIE to Gerry about the DNA in the hire car? As previously stated, the British FSS made it clear that the test results were inconclusive, and should in no way form part of any investigation. Yet four days later, you lied to Gerry McCann, telling him the results were 100% positive. Is it usual to ‘overstate the strength’ of evidence in this way?

Is it true that pieces of paper which could have contained vital information in this investigation were just strewn about the PJ offices?

If you wanted Kate to answer your questions, why didn’t you leave her a witness, explaining that under Portuguese law, witnesses are obliged by law to answer police questions?

Did she stop answering questions on the advice of her Portuguese lawyer?

And how, given the secrecy order, did the fact that she had not answered these questions leak out from the investigation you were then heading?

Is it true that you asked for the secrecy order to be implemented in this case? Is it true that the secrecy law need NOT have been evoked in this case? Did you make Mr and Mrs McCann aware of the FACT that the secrecy law need not be applied in the investigation and search for their abducted daughter?

Is it true you made the McCann’s arguidos “too hastily” just 8 days BEFORE the law was Due to change in Portugal? Is it true that if you had waited to make the McCann’s arguidos, you would have had to produce hard and fast evidence to do so? Is it true that you made the McCann’s arguidos then because you had NO evidence to back your suspicions?

Who do you think as been leaking highly sensitive reports to the Portuguese press?

Is it true that you dismissed many sightings, one in particular in Morocco, on the grounds that you assume Madeleine is dead and her parents are to blame?

In your opinion would a family oriented resort catering largely to British visitors suffer if it became known that a British child had been abducted by a human trafficking ring operating in the Algarve?

According to rumours leaked about the McCanns from these sources “close to the PJ” the group were said to have drunk 14 bottles of wine on the night of May 3? The bill from the restaurant in your files indicates ONLY 2 bottle of wine and several bottles of non-alcoholic beverages (for the entire group) — how would you explain that discrepancy?

Why are you so adamant that Madeleine died in the apartment, yet are totally unable to explain why, with not one shred of evidence to back this ‘hunch’ up?

How likely is it that Gerry could have returned to Madeleine’s alleged burial place twenty six days after you claim she died, disinterred the body, and moved it to a new burial site, under the full glare of the world’s media, without being spotted?

How many 3 and 4 hour long lunch breaks did you take during the 4 months you were meant to be looking for Madeleine McCann?

Do you always drink alcohol while on duty?

Is it a part of your investigative techniques to talk about, and reveal, highly sensitive information during an ongoing high profile police investigation?

May 5 – Portuguese police reveal they believe Madeleine was abducted but is still alive and in Portugal, and say they have a sketch of a suspect.
May 25 – Detectives finally release a description of the man reported by Jane Tanner three weeks earlier following pressure from the McCann’s, their legal team and the British Government. Why did it take the PJ 20 days, and more importantly, so much pressure, to release a sketch of a suspect?

Concerning you professional career, how many missing child/abduction cases have you investigated? Was there any controversy over those cases?

Due to the very close proximity (about 7 miles) that Joanna Cipriano went missing, did you ever consider that there may be a connection between the abductions of Joanna and Madeleine?

How would you have handled a connection between these two missing children if it had emerged?

Is it true you spent most of your career in the drug enforcement branch of the PJ, hunting down and prosecuting drug smugglers and suppliers? If so, in what way do you think your past experience qualifies you to head the search for an abducted little girl?

During this time, did you come into contact with any other smugglers of a different kind, e.g. child traffickers?

I think that last one is, quite probably, the most important of all. Sadly, I doubt that we’ll ever get any truthful answers from him. Cowardice is another of his many failings.


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  1. Margaret leckey Says:

    There is just one thing I am grateful for I did not depend on this man for help at any time

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