Read the Files!


If I only had a pound for every time some moronic anti-Madeleine told me to ‘Read the files’ I could retire early. They spout it continually, not just to true Madeleine supporters such as myself, but to anyone new to the story, to blog members everywhere, to journalists who dare to publicly support the McCanns, even high-profile celebrities. All have, at some stage, been told to ‘Read the files.’ I find it, sometimes, mildly irritating, but mostly it’s amusing. Because I can offer one cast-iron certainty. Any anti who proffers this advice has most certainly NOT read those case files for themselves.

How can I be so certain of this?

Easy. Because, in fact, I HAVE read them. Oh, I admit, I haven’t read every single word. There is much in the minutia that I skimmed past. But the important stuff, the principal witness statements, such as Kate and Gerry’s, those of the Tapas friends, the police reports and all of the core documents, yes, I have read them, or at least, the unofficial English translations of them. And do you know what? There is nothing, not so much as a single full-stop anywhere, that incriminates either the parents or any of their friends. Of course, there is the chance, however faint, that something, somewhere got ‘Lost in Translation,’ some key element in the original, official Portuguese version that some anti who speaks Portuguese knows about, but since most of them struggle to understand basic Queen’s English, let alone a foreign language, I think we can safely discount that possibility!

So, if that is the case, why do these fools keep belting out this mantra? If there is nothing in the files to indicate guilt, why are the true Madeleine supporters continually told the opposite is true? In short, what exactly is it they expect us to find in these files?

Well, in order to answer those questions, we have to examine the intellect of the average anti-Madeleine. It’s low. Very low, in fact. Most are incapable of reasoned thinking for themselves, and so resort to copying one another, parrot fashion. One of them has a brain-fart, spills it onto one of their forums, and before they know it, it becomes a proven fact. It’s all very reminiscent of the Witch sketch from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. One of them shouts out, ‘She’s a Witch!’ and the others all blindly follow. But when the Knight asks, ‘How do you know she’s a witch?’ they all go silent. No answer. Vacant expressions, until one of them admits, ‘Well, she turned me into a newt.’ Very convincing.

And so it was with the files. Way back in the early days, one anti made an assumption, said ‘Read the Files, and the other anti’s all parroted it till the myth is born, that the files will somehow reveal the ‘truth,’ that the McCanns are guilty of… well, something, but none of them know exactly what, because they haven’t bothered to read them for themselves.

Having said that, every legend is supposed to have at least a kernel of truth within it, some tiny basis of fact that the embroidery hangs itself on. Is that the case with this particular fantasy, that the files prove the McCanns guilt? Well, that depends on your perspective, what you personally consider to be ‘truth.’ Most rational, intelligent people would read the files and reach the same conclusion as the Portuguese Attorney General, Scotland Yard, the current PJ investigation team, and any number of other genuine experts; that there is no evidence whatsoever that points to the McCanns.

But the average anti does not fit that demographic, i.e. intelligent, rational or sane. To them, any inconvenient facts that do not fit their conceptions of the cover-up of Madeleine’s death can simply be ignored, and the fantasy of a faked abduction becomes reality. But back to that nugget of truth. The problem is, they have fallen under the spell of the original lead investigator, one goncalo amaral. At about the same time as the case was shelved and the files made public, he released a book, called ‘The Truth of a Lie.’ In it, he makes the claim that Madeleine McCann died in the families holiday apartment on May 3rd, 2007, and the parents, to avoid having their remaining children taken away from them, covered up that death and faked an abduction. When pressed, he stated quite categorically that everything in his book is in the files, that his whole work is backed up by the official PJ report, and that he stands by every word. amaral said they are guilty. It said so in the files. He said it said so in the files, and he wouldn’t lie.

Would he?

Yes, he would. And in fact, has, on many occasions. In their rush to seize on any little stick to beat the McCanns with, the anti’s conveniently overlook, or just plain ignore the fact that amaral has a criminal conviction for perjury. That’s lying. In court. Under oath! As I said, a very inconvenient fact.
Not long after his book became available it was only a matter of days before we true Madeleine supporters found that, far from being based on the original files, there were many examples of narrative that actually bore no relation to them, and numerous examples of where he flatly contradicts the files. And we’re just average, ordinary internet bloggers. If we could do it, why couldn’t the anti’s?

Because, as we now know, they haven’t read those files themselves. They don’t need to, because someone, somewhere, has already read them, and told them that amaral has proved the parents are guilty, and it’s all in the files. And that, it seems, is the foundation of the whole ‘Read the files’ story, that element of ‘truth’ within the myth. Nothing but a disgraced and convicted ex-cop’s book of lies, his dishonest attempt to hit back at those he blamed for his own, self-inflicted humiliation.

I must, however, make mention of one, tiny sliver of the official files that the anti’s ARE aware of. Not because they have actually read it in the files for themselves mind, but because it has long been spread around the internet, and is easily found, on any blog to do with the case. They often like to throw this soupçon of the files at any true Madeleine supporter, as if it is somehow the killer blow, the coup de grâce that validates their belief in the files. It is one small part of the Portuguese Attorney General’s summing up, where he states that it is unfortunate that the McCanns failed to take the opportunity to demonstrate their innocence by taking part in a reconstruction. (Incidentally, the word ‘Demonstrate’ is a correction of one of those translation errors, which was originally and erroneously written as, ‘Prove.’ Even the virulent and totally misinformed anti-Madeleine blogger ‘Blacksmith’ managed just recently to get that tiny point correct!)
Leaving aside for a moment the fact that it was the McCanns themselves who first begged for a televised reconstruction a few weeks after Madeleine’s abduction, and that it was the PJ who refused their request, I need to explain some more about that summing up.

The PAG went to great lengths to point out what we already know. That there was NO evidence that the McCanns committed any crime. He makes it perfectly clear that their actions were reasonable, given the circumstances, and he sums up by saying that NONE of the original suspicions of the investigators was later confirmed or consolidated.

And yet, according to the anti’s, his one little quip, about demonstrating their innocence, somehow negates a whole ream of pages where he makes plain, in totally unambiguous terms, that they are innocent? I mean, really? No, that one, small personal comment is not evidence, is not a statement by any investigator, and does not, in any way incriminate the parents.

So, for the benefit of any anti who may read this post, I issue you with a challenge. I should warn you though, it’s a tough one, one that no anti has thus far succeeded at. Below is a link to the actual files. Y’know, the ones you are always telling us true Madeleine supporters to read. I’m even giving you the direct links to the statements by Kate and Gerry, and also Jane tanner, but there are many more statements to be found. Read them. Then leave me a message, telling me which part proves the McCanns guilt. Oh, and I expect a link, with details of page and paragraph numbers.

I await with baited, but not very expectant breath.


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  1. The Upsetter (@ModNrodder) Says:

    Great article mate.

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