“Team McCann!”

OK, a little off the original brief of this site, I still thought I would share it on here. Written towards the end of summer 2007, it was more a way of venting my frustration at the amount of ignorance being bandied around about this case, rather than with any real intention to post it anywhere. Irreverent, I know, but here it is anyway!

Ah, ‘Team McCann!’ A name oft bandied about on internet chat rooms and forums by people who lurk under rocks and in damp places, people unable to understand concepts such as compassion or charity. But who is this team, and what do they do? Well, according to the Anti-McCann Mars bars (Same I.Q.) Gerry McCann, a wicked and sinful father, put this team of ne’er-do-wells together to cover up the hideous murder of his innocent four year old daughter by her neurotic and drug befuddled mother.

Gerry, descended from Irish immigrants to Scotland, grew up as the youngest of five in a Glasgow tenement block. Being very bright he obtained a place in university and later medical school, and ended up as a heart specialist. Somehow, this man of humble beginnings managed to gain such incredible influence and power he was able to put together a team of billionaire entrepreneurs, political spokesmen and some of the best lawyers in the land. Kind of ridiculous when you put it like that, isn’t it!

But why are these powerful people doing it, what would they have to gain by defending Kate and Gerry? I mean Richard Branson’s not short of a bob or two, is he, so he’s not in it for the money. Well, lets consider three possible scenarios.

First, lets consider the possibility, however preposterous, that Kate and Gerry were responsible for Madeleine’s death, and that Team McCann are fully aware of this. This means they are all jeopardising not only their professional careers, but also their freedom. Attempting to pervert the course of justice is a criminal offence. Eventually the truth would come out, and their reputations, to say nothing of their lives, would be in tatters. What would they possibly have to gain for such a cover up of two child murderers?

Second, sticking with the ‘Madeleine was accidentally or otherwise killed’ scenario, lets try to imagine that Team McCann actually believe that Kate and Gerry are innocent, but that somehow these two schemers managed to pull the wool over the team’s eyes. Richard Branson, rich beyond the realms of mortal man, used to wheeling and dealing in the highest places. Do you think he got to be where he is by being so gullible? Clarence Mitchell, former political spokesman. Dealt daily with politicians, knows more about doublespeak than any of you or me, he couldn’t smell a rat when he saw one? But the Mars bars out there can all see through the McCann parents little charade, which makes them far smarter than all of these tiny minded defenders of two child killers, yes? I don’t think so!

Which means we have to consider the third possibility. Kate and Gerry are truly innocent. These people, the billionaire, the spokesman, the powerful lawyers, watched from a distance as the Portuguese police tried to frame two innocent people, saw them carry out a campaign of psychological warfare through the press to convince the public of their guilt, and finally said “Enough. Thus far and no further.” It is possible that, believing beyond doubt that Kate and Gerry are innocent and that they would eventually be proven so, they may be hoping to bask in the reflected glory. Or, on the other hand, they could just be good, decent people.


6 Responses to ““Team McCann!””

  1. Maria Says:

    I think they are just good, decent people Nigel….but..wait a minute, perhaps Im gullible too, after all I am a Catholic, and they did get to speak to The Holy Father Pope Benedict, face to face. No, I think I will stick to supporting Kate and Gerry, and of course, MADELEINE. May Our Lord keep VERY close to this little girl and keep her safe in body and soul, and may He continue to lend strength to Kate and Gerry. Higel, keep up the good work of support. m

  2. jean Says:

    I agree completely with your comments. How on earth anyone could think that they were guilty of such a thing is beyond me, but of course some people don’t have any excitment in their lives and they just go on forums such as Anorak to slate anyone who is suffering. When Madeleine first disppeared I went onto the Anorak site, and was disgusted at the majority of comments made. I tried so hard to support the McCanns, but eventually, after being subjected to sarcasm and insults myself, decided that I would leave the nasty little people to continue their small minded conversations, and find someone who cared for Madeleine and her parents.

  3. Nigel Nessling Says:

    Jean, you will find no such nasty people here! Just good, kind and compassionate people such as yourself.

  4. amy Says:

    I have to admit that when I first heard the story that a little girl had gone missing after her parents left her in bed while they went out, my reaction was like most rational people’s “why the hell did they leave her?” HOWEVER, I got over that and realised that the past cannot be changed and the McCanns will punish themselves for the rest of their lives over what happened that night, kicking them while they’re down is just nasty spite by stupid people who have nothing better to do with their time.

    There is only one thing that really matters now and that is finding out the truth, a little girl disappeared from her bed and no-one seems to know what has happened to her. Madeleine is not a character or a poster image, she is a real little person with a mummy, a daddy, a brother, sister, grandparents, aunts and uncles, she should have spent the last year at school drawing pictures, learning to write and making friends.

    xx may angels watch her and keep her safe xx

  5. maroon Says:

    Its been over three years now since Madeleine disappeared, so long and yet time has really passed so quickly. I am still as sad today as when I first heard of her disappearance, and I beleive abduction.
    I see her parents being lured into a false sense of security by Mark Warners and the beautiful balmy environment and friendly people of Praia de Luz.
    Don’t forget, it was the resort which promoted that parents leave their children in their rooms unattended whilst they had their evening meal, promoting the listening nannies to the patrons. The area was outside of the UK, a warm place with a safe feel. It is very easy to see how all the parents of Mark Warners resort were led to feel it was safe to leave the kids asleep in their own beds. Parents know how hard it is to get kids back to sleep if their sleep is disturbed by moving them from one bed to another ie from the crache to their own apartment. I understand completely why the Mccanns and many other parents there left their babies sleeping to have their tea. It was designed and promoted by the resort to be this way, but was it designed for evil, ulterior motives? We may never know this, or the truth of what became of little Madeleine.
    Nigel, I would like to say that many similar ‘psychic’ experiences have occured to me since I was very small. Your comments that Madeleines ‘visions’ felt warm and real does not discount that she may be in spirit. I have many contacts with spirits of those who have exited their bodies, and they have felt solid and warm and been of a happy nature. After all, the afterlife for those who are good is good. It is a fabulous place of great joy, love and peace.

  6. Pedro Silva Says:

    Look maroon, I´m not Nigel, I´m not nahive, but I tell you this, with all do respect: there is no shred of evidence about death or harm (how many times do I / we have to say this. Everythingh that is being done is baed on this: she can still be found alive, she is a real findable Madeleine McCann. She is somewhere out there. Take a look at the cases of Shawn Hornbeck, Natascha Kampusch, Jaycee Dugard.

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