Twisting the Knife, part three: tony bennett.

But what of amaral’s disciple, bennett, and his ‘Madeleine Foundation’, have they faired any better? Well, that depends on which Madeleine foundation we’re talking about, as there is now at least two, but whether bennett counts that as a success or not is unknown, you would have to ask him! In fact it’s kind of ironic, in as much as when bennett set out on his campaign of incitement to hatred against the McCann’s he probably had no idea that, eventually, he would end up doing them a big favour, but I digress. Let us again wind the clock back to last year.

Again, like his master amaral, bennett’s fortunes at first seemed very favourable. His booklet too was published, amongst great hoo-haa within the dark fraternity. bennett himself had, by now, joined one of the nastiest internet forums ever to stain the internet, the 3arguido’s, a site that boasted, amongst it’s members, at least one convicted axe murderer, (Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, he prefers to be called an axe man-slaughterer, doesn’t he.) several sex offenders, and the admin team of which knowingly made a convicted paedophile a site moderator. Just think about that for a moment. They knew this man was a convicted child abuser, but were happy to let him help run a site which claimed to be Madeleine’s voice. In fact, when the McCann’s private detectives wanted to question a cancer stricken paedophile living in Germany, the members of this site rallied around, and sent this evil, twisted child rapist messages of SUPPORT. I know, I could barely stomach it myself. Given the choice, between the parents of a missing child, and a man who had served time for raping at least TWO girls, one of only eight, they chose to offer their support for this monster.

In addition, members of this site threatened, publicly, to firebomb the McCann’s home, with the twins still inside. They threatened to abduct and torture Kate, until she confessed to a crime she did not commit. They happily exposed any personal and private contact details they could get hold off of anyone who supported the McCann’s, including my own. (I was warned that I would receive a good kicking if I didn’t keep my mouth shut, and told that my car would be vandalised outside my house, and other such pleasantries.) They have managed to get supporters sacked, including the mother of a disabled child, from their place of work. They have falsely implicated supporters of being paedophiles themselves, using child porn pictures, without once explaining how they themselves came to be in possession of such pictures in the first place. Yes, a delightful place, and bennett fitted right in, welcomed with open arms. For a time, bennett greatly enjoyed being a big fish, without ever realising he was only inhabiting a small and very dirty pond.

After being published, his book too went on sale, though perhaps the literary products of amaral’s padawan were not quite so successful, only selling about 5000 copies, not including all the ones he gave away to anyone he could think off, including all the members of the British parliament.

Concerned that his ‘Message’ was not getting to a big enough audience, bennett, in a classic killing the golden goose scenario, finally crossed the line, and it was then that things began to turn sour for our disgraced ex-solicitor. He produced a condensed version of his 60 reasons booklet, a leaflet with what he considered the 10 reasons most likely to mislead the public, and started to distribute them. Now, at this point, he had a bright idea! Why not go to the McCann’s home town of Rothley, and put copies of his leaflets through their neighbour’s doors? That really WOULD twist the knife, he must have thought! His fellow foundation members all agreed, and so together they all went up to the McCann’s home town, and set about spreading their gospel of hate in the very place that Kate and Gerry should have felt the safest. But not everyone was so enthusiastic. Strangely, some members of the 3arguido’s were against the idea. You see, while they were all contained within the limits of their slimy pool, they knew the McCann’s would most likely ignore them. But by doing this leaflet drop the 3a’s members, or at least the few with more than two properly connected and working brain cells, knew that now the McCann’s would no longer be able to turn a dignified blind eye to them, and that bennett’s stupid and misguided actions would bring about terrible consequences for all of them. How right they were! Under the rock there were many high volume discussions, arguments were posted, former friends fell out, and within a matter of weeks the 3a’s forum splintered, fractured and died. Possibly one of the few worthwhile things bennett ever achieved in his life, though I am sure that was not his original intention!

If I may, I would like to digress for a moment here. If I could choose the one characteristic that best defines amaral, it would be his corruptibility, fuelled by his greed. For bennett, it would be lying. That’s not to say amaral didn’t include plenty of deceits in his book, and having embarked on his extra-marital affair I am equally sure his wife has heard a good many too. But when it comes to whoppers, no one can hold a candle to the grand master of the purveyor of porkies, tony bennett! Needless to say, his own book is replete with them, as each and every one of his so-called 60 reasons is a total falsehood. But once the leaflet drop made the news, and the general public reacted with horror and outrage, he quickly acted to distance himself from this action, claiming he was elsewhere on that day. Shame, then, that CCTV camera footage later emerged showing him in the area at the time. From then on they fell from his lips like drops of water from a leaky tap. So, let us now begin to come up to date, and along the way, discuss some of bennett’s many, many untruths.

As predicted by the few brighter sparks on the 3a’s, bennett’s actions resulted in the McCann’s taking action against him and his fellow foundation members, particularly their chairman, debbie butler. Both of them, early in October 2009, received a heavy letter from the McCann’s libel solicitors, Carter Ruck. In this letter they were told, in no uncertain terms, that they had committed the act of libel against Kate and Gerry, and appropriate actions would be taken unless the two of them agreed to cease and desist their actions. More specifically they were ordered to stop selling all copies of their booklet, take down the foundation website, hand over all unsold copies of the booklet and leaflet, destroy or remove all electronic copies of either the book or the leaflet anywhere on the internet and refrain from repeating any further libellous allegations. There may have been more demands, but you get the general picture. bennett and butler, having previously felt so confident and assured of their grounds, were now seriously rattled, and decided to seek legal advice of their own, driving hot foot to Liverpool, and the offices of Kirwain’s Solicitors.

I think it appropriate here to remind ourselves of some of bennett’s quotes. “I do not fear any legal actions from the McCann’s.” You DID state that, didn’t you bennett? Quite unequivocally. “I do not fear any legal actions from the McCann’s.” Repeated many times, on many forums. Here’s another statement that we very much need to bear in mind. “So far, no one has successfully refuted any of my reasons.” You DID say that, didn’t you, bennett? In fact you have repeated that also many, many times. “So far, no one has successfully refuted any of my reasons.”


They HAVE been refuted, many times. On the British Democracy forum, on the J4 forum, hell, even members of 3a’s tried to tell him where he was wrong, but still he insisted that no one had challenged his reasons. Bennett apparently considers himself to be above such members of internet forums, even forums he himself is a member of, and considers their opinions as somehow invalid, since they lack any official credence.

But back to that meeting with Kirwain’s. How did it go? Pretty badly, actually! Four hours later, and £500 lighter, a much chastened bennett, who feared no legal actions by the McCann’s, capitulated. Surrendered, ran up the white flag and bottled it. He tried to bluff his way out, saying that Kirwain’s told him that libel law is confusing, libel law is uncertain. Four hours, £500.00 for two little comments. Well, let me simplify things a little for you. If a person makes a public statement, verbally or in the written word, that is factually incorrect, and is liable to bring a second persons name or character into disrepute, that is libel. If YOU make that statement, and you cannot back it up with firm evidence, or conversely the statement can be proved to be false, then YOU have committed that act of libel. Libel law is now simple, libel law is now clear. Bennett had now had his reasons fully refuted by someone he could not ignore.

Poor bennett. Much was expected of him from the dark side. There were many who saw bennett as some sort of messiah figure, who would lead them through the valley of the shadow of evil and into the promised land of the truth for Madeleine, such as they had already forged it in their own mind’s eye. He was expected to fight, tooth and nail, to defend his book, his leaflet, his reasons. Instead he turned tail and ran for cover like the spineless coward he is. Just like all bully’s anywhere, stand up to them and they run away.

This did not go down well, oh dear me no. By now, after having already single-handedly brought down the 3a’s forum, bennett, and many other bottom feeders decamped to another particularly foul site, the Missing Madeleine forum, a smaller but equally vile site inhabited by the same sort of the dregs of society with a similar aim, to incite hatred against two innocent victims of a heinous crime. (Why is it that today we seem to live in a society where victims of crime seem to become further victims of hate? Scarlet Keeling, raped and brutally murdered in the holiday island of Goa. Who gets it in the neck on the internet? Not the rapist, not the murderer, but her mother, for daring to leave her in the company of someone she thought she could trust. Victim after victim, vilified and hounded on news website comment sections, you have to wonder what drives people to compound another human beings personal tragedy. bennett himself has accused the majority of rape victims of ‘asking for it’ by dressing provocatively.)

Just as the leaflet drop in Rothley caused a monumental break-up of the 3a’s, the running away at the first hint of trouble caused a similar fracas on the MM forum, but, far more significantly, it caused a fracture of Grand Canyon proportions to appear in the Madeleine Foundation itself. bennett, the secretary and butler, the chairperson, almost overnight, changed from brothers-in-arms to sworn enemies. The two of them began to exchange posts on the MM forum. These posts became ever more acrimonious but then, out of the blue, butler dropped a bombshell! She accused bennett of fraud! She said that there were apparent irregularities in the way bennett ran the funds acquired from the membership fees and sales of the booklet and leaflet, that signed cheques had not been properly accounted for, and that funds seemed to have been misappropriated from the bank account that they were joint holders of. She went on to say that she had informed the serious fraud squad and the press. In fact the Sun newspaper carried the story, and as a result received over 150 letters and e-mails, purporting to come from people who had donated to the Madeleine foundation, thinking they were in fact giving to the genuine Find Madeleine fund, and not a group set up specifically to persecute and incite hatred against the McCann family.

This is not, in fact, the first time bennett has been at the centre of an alleged fraud scandal. I have been passed on information, in STRICT confidence, from the managerial staff at another organisation bennett was involved with several years ago. They too had a falling out with bennett, and they too had money disappear from their funds. Nothing was, so far, proved, but aparently they are in no doubt as to who they believe was responsible. As I said, this was passed to me in confidence, as the organisation involved wish not to be further associated with bennett publicly, but permission was given to pass on this incident and their contact details to the McCann’s legal team, and this has been duly done.

Back to butler’s claim of fraud, and bennett responded, categorically denied any such fraud took place, and went further, saying he had spoken to the very policeman butler originally placed her complaint to. The MM members were told that, in the opinion of this policeman, butler was just gibbering, making no sense, and that it took him less than twenty minutes to realise it was all a hoax.


Within days the police, in a press article, CONFIRMED they were carrying out an investigation, and in the same press article refuted that any police officer had made any comment bennett had attributed to them. Now the foundation was in total disarray, with bennett, butler, and their original webmaster, a poster by the name of stevo, in open warfare. stevo and butler continued, for a time, to maintain the original foundation website, while bennett started a new one. Both sides maintain that they are the only true foundation, and the dark knights of the internet were then forced to chose sides, to decide who was now their true messiah. As is often the case, when thieves fall out, they all began to turn on one another. Splinter groups formed, new blogs opened, and a sort of factional, tribal warfare broke out, with rival gangs invoking a sort of turf war, trying to discredit each other, with ever more lurid stories of who did what and who said what to whom, and all this due to bennett, and his insatiable desire to achieve some sort of fame or notoriety.

And thus it continues, even as I write, with the original subject of the whole reason for their existence, Madeleine, being long forgotten, not that she was ever any kind of priority to them to begin with.

But I said bennett’s defining characteristic was his lying, and though I have pointed out a few, I think it only fair to give further examples, so that you may be in no further doubt as to the man’s credibility. Let’s start with his booklet, the so called 60 reasons why she was not abducted. I need not go into detail here for all of the reasons themselves, the book ‘The Madeleine Investigation: Incompetence or Corruption’ takes a great many of them and comprehensively refutes them.

But there are some less obvious ones, some that may otherwise slip under the radar. Take the publishers for instance. Bennett claims it was published by a group called Parent’s Aid.

When contacted, Parent’s Aid were, in fact, horrified to learn that their name had been attached to bennett’s work, and felt so moved by his actions they now have this disclaimer prominently displayed on their homepage.

“To whom it may concern: there is absolutely no connection between this registered charity, Parents’ Aid Southern Essex, and the organisation calling itself the “Madeleine Foundation” or any associated publication.

We understand that our name may have been attached to its literature without our permission.”

– The Management Committee and Trustees of Parents’ Aid.
© Parents’ Aid 1995 – 2009

Then there is the N.S.P.C.C. bennett went to great length to persuade his followers that the NSPCC somehow backed his campaign, and quoted at length from their website, both on his original foundation website and his book, and now on his new website. But do the NSPCC actually support the Madeleine foundation’s aims?


When contacted by e-mail, and given the background, this was their reply.

Dear *****,
Thank you for bringing this website to our attention. We would certainly not agree with this organisation’s aims, which seem to be largely based on smearing the McCann family and alleging conspiracies. Unfortunately there is little we can do as they do not use the NSPCC’s name, apart from in the factually correct statement that we oppose leaving children alone. To speak against them would bring them publicity that they have not so far gained for themselves. We will however check the site from time to time to see if they misuse our name. Thank you once again for contacting us.
****** ********

He claims to be a champion of free speech.


Every forum he joins he sees to it that the admin ban any McCann supporters, or ‘disruptive influences’ as he calls them, because he knows full well that he cannot hold a fair and balanced conversation with them, or answer any difficult questions put forward by them. Another act of cowardice.

He claims that the vast majority of the British public doubt the McCann’s version of events.


How can any sane, rational and sensible person possibly substantiate such a ludicrous comment? Does bennett actually KNOW the vast majority of the British public? If a pig spends it’s entire life in a field surrounded by nothing but other pigs, never once going beyond the field’s boundaries, then it is no wonder it would think the entire world consists of nothing but pigs. bennett has spent far too much time on hate forums, and it seems to have damaged his capacity to understand the true depth of human compassion for this couple.

But bennett doesn’t just target the McCann’s. I myself have been on the receiving end of his lies and slurs. He claims I am the author of a blog, writing under the name of ‘Muratfan.


I am not Muratfan, and I have no idea who he is, a simple check of computer IP’s will confirm this.

He claims I am running a hate campaign against him.


I am doing nothing of the sort. I do admit to hating liars, as most honest people would, but my sole intention is to see that bennett’s own campaign to incite hatred against the McCann’s is exposed for what it is.

He has claimed that I have sent out malicious e-mails, containing comments about how he spent time in a mental institution, and was charged with a public order offence in a public toilet.


I have sent no such e-mails. Any rumours about the mental institution or toilet incident were doing the rounds on the British Democracy Forum long before I became aware of them. bennett was asked on that forum, many times, to refute these claims. He never once responded. By his own words, if the McCann’s never took the trouble to refute his own claims against them then they must be true. Therefore what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, and if he too failed to take the trouble to refute these stories about him then he cannot complain if they are accepted as true. I did not start them, and I have no idea who did, but I repeat, I have not e-mailed these stories to anyone.

He claims that he has filed a complaint against me for harassment, that Essex police are currently investigating me, and are close to pressing charges against me.


I have personally spoken to Harlow police, at my OWN instigation, several times, and at great length, and I have been assured that I am not being investigated at all. Further, no officer from the Essex police has ever called me, written to me or asked to examine my computer for any evidence. My computer is four years old, and I understand it is impossible to totally eradicate the history of where I have been, what I have written or who I have e-mailed. If I had done any of these things the police would have taken my computer in for examination. In fact in my entire life I have NEVER been investigated by any police force anywhere in the country, and that includes the disgusting and despicable claim by a poster known as drachensachen that I have been investigated by my own force for causing or hounding an innocent man to commit suicide. I have also never, in my entire life, been arrested, for anything, or charged with anything other than a couple of speeding tickets. Unlike bennett, however, who HAS been arrested at least once, during his ‘Metric Martyr’ fad. It was during this arrest that another example of bennett’s cowardice was displayed, when he cravenly gave the police a false name. These false allegations made by bennett against me are themselves libellous, and I have taken legal advice from a solicitor, who has confirmed I have an excellent case. The only reason I am not so far taking legal action is because I know the McCann’s will soon be taking action against bennett themselves, and I feel strongly that they are far more deserving of what little money bennett has, and I would not like to water down any compensation awarded to them.

Furthermore, in my entire life, I have never, once, been sacked for bringing my profession into disrepute, regardless of whatever my job was at the time.

But perhaps the worst lie of all is the one that is most damaging, and therefore the most dangerous, not just to Madeleine, not just to her parents, but to ALL missing and abducted children everywhere. It is the very first reason in bennett’s now proven libellous book, where he claims that in over 99% of all cases of children who have been reported missing from there homes, and where the parents claim abduction, the child has been found dead at the hands of the parents or close family member.


Nowhere, not once, has bennett provided any kind of evidence to back up this statistic. The true figure, from the Psychological Offender Profiling Committee for the Home Office, is actually less than 70%. Still an uncomfortably high figure, but nowhere near the over 99% that bennett likes to spout. If, God forbid, this figure conjoured out of bennett’s head were ever to become prevalent, if this lie of lies were ever to be somehow accepted as a fact, then heaven help any poor child who had the misfortune to be kidnapped in this country. Because bennett would see to it that society as a whole would abandon these missing children, he would see to it that all parents of abducted children would be forever hounded, persecuted, accused of killing and covering up the death of their beloved son or daughter, all for the sake of his own ego, all to satisfy his lust for fame and glory.

And that, my friends, is why I do what I do. Why I suffer the threats, the insults, the libelous comments. I am here, on the internet, on various forums, side by side with good and honest like minded people, to stand up to the likes of bennett and amaral, to see to it that their lies, slander, libel, their campaigns of disinformation and obfuscation never succeeed, to see to it that their evil attempts at thwarting the chances of Madeliene, Joana and other missing children being reunited with their heartbroken families fail, as they surely deserve to, as they surely must.


12 Responses to “Twisting the Knife, part three: tony bennett.”

  1. ella Says:

    i hope madeline if found over the festive period, to alow the mccann’s to look forward to a happy new year with all their family

  2. Tony W Says:

    Thank you Nigel. It is nice to see that Bennett can fool some of the people some of the time……Not all of the people all of the time

  3. Sabot Says:

    A truly wonderful piece of writing. Never could I have come even close. And all utterly factual.

    I am unable to truly describe exactly what I think of Mr. Bennett because it would involve profanities, which I do try to avoid.

    He was told over and over again that his “Reasons” were utterly flawed, and by several people, some of whom were unfortunate to enough to believe in him. He refused to accept their critisism because he will not be gainsaid.

    He is a twisted and very nasty individual. He is a blight on society.

    This will be his Armageddon.

  4. CATKINS Says:

    Well nailed Nigel………I think that the hole he keeps digging for himself….will cave in very soon. Legally that is…..

  5. BluJ1515 Says:

    Very nicely written and well laid out – a great cataloging of the lies of these two disgraces; especially for you, bennett, who has chosen to personally attack you and your family.

  6. little old-lady Says:

    Having read all three parts….. Well said… they are both very poor excuses of men.

  7. modnrodder Says:

    The man is on a mission of self destruction. Why? I have no idea but the sooner people attached to his manipulation realise that they will also become his crash test dummies, the better.

    Anyone would think the Essex police are helping HIM with HIS enquiries. For one, why would the same police force Bennett continually critisises want to assist him and two, people are helping the police with their enquiries and that isn’t going to benefit Bennet.


  8. Maroon Says:

    Look, I had only read a small fraction of bennets statements to realize he has a mental health disorder / personality problem. He is not sane, and would be in an institution if one existed anymore for such as he. He is delusional, unfortunately, and I say this coming from a medical background, particularly in psychiatry. I am sure the Mccanns are aware of this fact, being doctors. That gullible people, sane or otherwise, have been fooled by bennets delusions only adds to the terrible grief suffered by the Mccann family. I wish them well. I hope with all my heart that Madeleine was abducted for a childless couple, and not the other unconscionable possibility.

  9. Sabot Says:

    You are almost certainly right, Maroon. Mr. Bennett is not right in the head, and getting worse by the day. Those enormous diatribes amount to nothing, if you can be bothered to read them. I do on occasions, but not that often. I can usually pick up the gist by scrolling down.

    Only his demented followers would hang on his every word, and then believe him.

  10. 乳膠床墊 Says:

    Thanks a million for this, I appreciate the info

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  12. 監視器 Says:

    I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

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