Twisting the knife.

For some, it is still not enough.

Kate and Gerry McCann are going through the kind of living hell that few of us not directly related to them, or who have been through the same experience could ever imagine. The endless suffering, the pain of uncertainty, not knowing if your beloved daughter is dead or alive. If she is dead, did she suffer? If she still lives, is she suffering still? Day in, day out, the agony continues. Most people, those with compassion, a heart, a soul, have nothing but the deepest of sympathy for them, and many would do anything, if they only had the power, to end their suffering and bring peace to their tortured souls.

Most people.

But there are a small minority who see things a little differently. For these individuals Kate and Gerry are clearly not in enough pain, have clearly not been punished enough for their momentary lack of judgement. For them, their entire raison-d’etre is to heap ever more misery on their shoulders, ever more pain into their lives. They inhabit websites and forums set up for the express purpose of inventing ever more fanciful theories about government cover-ups, methods of how they ‘did it,’ how they ‘got away’ with it, and what should be done if someone bumped into Kate or Gerry in the street. In a way, these people are to be pitied, for having such sad lives themselves. But, as long as they stick to hiding underneath slimy internet rocks, their words, however spiteful, cannot cause physical harm.

But within these ranks there are one or two with the power to reach out and cause REAL pain, REAL suffering, on top of that already endured. People with training, in positions of authority, able to bend their background to suit their will. Step forward tony bennett, solicitor, (retired.)

If you are unfamiliar with the name of anthony bennett, it is not through any fault of his own. You see, bennett gives all the impressions of being a classic attention seeker. You no doubt remember the story of Stuart Lubbock, who died under mysterious circumstances while at a party of the house of Michael Barrymore. The police were unable to find enough evidence to charge Mr Barrymore, and Stuart’s death still remains unsolved. bennett however, seeing a huge media interest, decided to get involved, and brought a private prosecution against Barrymore for various class A and class B drug offences. He failed. Later, last year, when the Leicestershire police, in partnership with the local social services, declared they had no intention of charging Kate and Gerry with neglect because, in their opinion, there was no case to answer, up stepped our friend tony again, eager to attach his name to one of the most high profile cases of child abduction the world has ever known. He attempted to bring a private prosecution against Kate and Gerry for neglect. He didn’t even make it through the courtroom door. And that should have been the end of it.

Unfortunately though, it wasn’t. tony was not done with the McCann’s yet, not by a long chalk. Because tony got together with some like minded individuals and formed a little club, with himself as leader. And, in a display of the most staggering cynicism imaginable, they called themselves, The Madeleine foundation. The MADELEINE Foundation. They presumed to usurp the right of Kate and Gerry, Madeleine’s legitimate parents, to speak on their daughter’s behalf, and proclaimed themselves Madeleine’s true voice. They announced all kinds of warm and sticky words, about wanting to represent all missing children, wanting to petition the government to tighten up the laws on child neglect, all kinds of forthright and noble causes. In fact, tony’s gang now have a website,
(Now removed, by order of the McCann’s libel solicitors.)
On the face of it, a normal, if somewhat cruel website, showcasing all their noble aims. But look closer my friends, peel back the veneer of normality, and you will see that the whole website is set up for one reason, and one reason alone.
To promote bennett’s book, ‘What really happened to Madeleine McCann? – 60 reasons that suggest she was not abducted.’ Yes, a book. I ask you, is this not yet another shameless example of someone using poor Madeleine’s abduction for their own purposes? It’s funny, isn’t it, that when unsubstantiated rumours appeared in the press that Kate and Gerry were going to write a book about Madeleine’s abduction, all the Mars Bars were up in arms about it, saying they were coldly and shamelessly cashing in on their daughter’s disappearance. But where is the condemnation for Frederico Duarte Carvalho, author of ‘The enigma of Praia-da-Luz,’ or Paulo Pereira Cristovao and HIS book, ‘The Star of Madeleine?’ How about Manuel Catarino’s little gem, ‘The guilt of the McCann’s’ or ‘Madeleine – a heartbreaking and extraordinary disappearance, by our own Robert Downing? Oh, and let’s not forget goncalo armaral, and his, in many people’s opinion, fairytale version of events, ‘The Truth of the lie?’ They’re perfectly all right, are they? We’re supposed to be happy that these men look like they really ARE using Madeleine to line their own pockets? I ask you, is that not the grossest of hypocrisy? If Kate and Gerry ever WERE to write a book, they have proved beyond any doubt that every penny made from it would go into the find Madeleine fund. Every single penny. But how much of the proceeds of THESE books will go there?

As for tony’s book, will it in any way go to helping to find Madeleine? After all, he did call his little gang ‘The MADELEINE foundation,’ didn’t he?
I should co-co.
On the contrary in fact. If this book is published, it has the potential to do the most enormous harm to the search for Madeleine. By it’s very title it will pursuade many people that Madeleine is dead, despite the total and complete lack of any evidence to support this notion, and her parents constant and unyielding efforts to find their daughter. People who may have vital information that could help the search may now be disuaded from coming forward, thinking their information must be of no use if she did die in the apartment. No, it seems the most likely reason for publishing this book is to draw attention to the Foundation itself, and if you want to know the reason for the existance of the whole foundation, a foundation, remember, that bears Madeleine’s name, here’s a clue, tucked away in the small print, here.

2. What are your aims?

a) To make every effort to ensure that Kate and Gerry McCann are prosecuted for their admitted abandoning of their children six nights in a row in Praia da Luz.

(Incidentally, there is a perfect example of the shockingly poor level of background research bennett unertook. The first two nights the parents dined, WITH the children, in the Millenium resturant, leaving the true figure of only FOUR nights the children were left in the apartment.)

And there we have it. bennett apparently seems to be trying to use this book to further another attempt at a private prosecution. And is doing so with a book quickly and amateurly cobbled together, chock full of all the old myths, half-truths and discredited slurs from the past year and a half.

Blessed are the innocent, who are persecuted for righteousness sake.

But there is a way for you good and decent people to pull the wheels of tony’s little wagon of poison, to put the brakes on this disgusting exploitation of Madeleine’s name and her suffering, and to bring to a lurching halt bennett’s foul attempts to heap ever more pain and suffering on the shoulders of two suffering and innocent people. My friends, I give you,

Vexatious litigation!

You see, by attempting a second private prosecution tony has rather foolishly left himself open to charges of vexatious litigation to be brought against himself.

What is a vexatious litigant?

“A vexatious litigant is someone who is prevented by a court order from issuing proceedings without leave of the court. Such orders may be either for a specified period of time or indefinite, and may apply to civil proceedings, criminal proceedings or both.”

How does a person become a vexatious litigant?

“Under section 42 of the Supreme Court Act 1981 and section 33 of the Employment Tribunals Act 1996, the Attorney General may apply for an order against a person who has litigated “habitually and persistently and without any reasonable ground”. The precise number of proceedings required to meet the test is not specified in the legislation, but normal cases involve at least five or six vexatious actions. The court will take into account all the surrounding circumstances including the general character of the litigation, the degree of hardship suffered by defendants and the likelihood of the conduct continuing if an order is not obtained.”

And it is not necessary for the McCann’s to carry out this action – ANY Member of the public can write to AGO and to the Treasury Solicitor’s Department to ask the Attorney to apply for an order.

How is the Attorney informed about potential vexatious litigants?

“Members of the public write to the AGO and to Treasury Solicitor’s Department to ask the Attorney to apply for an order. ”

“There is no formal procedure for such complaints. Treasury Solicitor’s Department then undertakes an investigation into the conduct of the individual concerned, in accordance with an agreement between the AGO and the Treasury Solicitor as to the appropriate steps and the time limits within which those steps should be completed. The opinion of Counsel is normally obtained before seeking the authorisation of the Law Officers.”

What happens after an order is made?

“Lists are prepared of persons against whom section 42 orders have been made and these are circulated to court offices, so the system is largely self policing. The list is also available on the Court Service website. Occasionally, individuals subject to an order succeed in issuing cases without leave of the court. In these cases, the Attorney General must decide whether to bring contempt of court proceedings.”

So, to recap, by failing in his first attempt to bring a private prosecution, any further attempts can leave him open to being charged. And any one of us can do it! I suppose I must admit, this page is not strictly within the original remit of the purpose of this site. Until now I have preferred to keep my public support to other forums, where it is better placed. But there comes a time when you have to say, ‘Enough.’ There comes a time when someone has to step up to the plate and take action. So I urge all of you good people out there, who care about the suffering of Madeleine’s parents to contact the AGO, through the above website, and put pressure on them to bring tony, his ‘Foundation’ and their unpleasant plans to their knees.

Remember the old saying. “All that is needed for evil to succeed, is for good people to do nothing.”

You can read up a bit more about bennett here.

“Anthony Bennett has been before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in 2003, he failed to comply with a finding of inadequate professional services dated 20th July 2001, confirmed on appeal on 30th August 2001.”

Update: 27th October, 2008.

I need the help of all you good people. I am quite sure you are all as totally sickened as I am about the apparent nature of bennett’s publicity seeking book, ‘What really happened to Madeleine McCann?’ Well, the book is being published by Amazon.

What we need to do is click on the link, and then go to the contacts, customer service, and complain, loudly, about this book. It is not so much that it is distasteful and repugnant, Amazon already agreed with that, but said they are unwilling to operate a censorship programme, they would rather let the public decide. But I since replied, making it clear that I was against the book, not because it was grossly offensive, but because it was, in fact, clearly libelous. Many of the so-called ‘reasons’ have already been contested in a court of law, and compensation has been awarded to the McCann’s and their friends. Libel is illegal, and by publishing this book, Amazon are breaking the law. We need weight of numbers, and if enough people complain, Amazon will have to pull the plug on Tony’s little publicity stunt. So far, it is at the pre-order stage. We need to act now, before these filthy lies are on sale to the general public.

01 November, 2008.

On the 30th October, the following comment was left on this page by bennett himself. He put me right about his attempted private prosecution of Michael Barrymore. For this I put my hands up, my mistake. I have edited this page accordingly. He also said I was libeling him. Personally, I disagree. I do not believe I inferred anywhere that he was personally attempting to financially gain from this book himself. However, to appease Mr Bennett, I have again edited this page, to make it even clearer what I believe is the true purpose of this book, and I reiterate, I do not think Mr Bennett is making any financial gain for himself. bennett concluded by demanding that I leave his comment up for all to see. This I gladly do, so that you can all make up your own minds about the man.

I did not prosecute Michael Barrymore for murder. I attempted to prosecute him in January 2006 for the possession of Class A and Class B drugs and for allowing his home to be used for the consumption of Class A and Class B drugs. The prosecution did not proceed as the court held that insufficient evidence had been placed before the court – this despite my producing many examples where Barrymore had admitted to these offences. Terry Lubbock asked me to write a book about the case, described by Associate Editor of the News of the World, Phil Taylor, as “A damning indictment on how Essex Police bungled their £8 million investigation into how Stuart Lubbock died, and reveals the massove contradictions in the accounts witnesses gave of that night’s events”.

I have regularly posted in my own name on the subject of Madeleine McCann in the past 13 months and those who know of me know that my actions in this case are motivated by a desire to get to the truth and not in any shape or form for money. I require you to remove all suggestions from your blog that I am morivated by money as that is utterly untrue and you cannot support that statement. The book is being sold at the low price of £3 just to cover our costs and to make sure that it is as widely read as possible.

Should you not remove the libellous references to me wthin 24 hours from now, your hosters and servers will be informed.

Please leave this message up here so that people can learn the FACTS about my involvement with Terry Lubbock and the Barrymore case and about The Madeleine Foundation’s forthcoming book on the ‘disappearance’ of Madeleine, instead of believing your false claims.

If you ARE looking for the truth, bennett, I strongly advise you that, in the opinion of a great many people, you will NOT find it in goncarlo armaral’s story, ‘The truth of the lie.’

Latest update.
01 November, 2008.

A customer who just attempted to pre-order a copy of the book, just got the following response from Amazon.

Dear Customer,

We are contacting you regarding your order which included the following:

Driven (Hardcover)

This item has been removed from sale for legal reasons.

We have cancelled your order for this item and can confirm that you have not been charged for it.

We apologisze for the inconvenience caused.

We look forward to serving you again in the future.
Warmest regards,

Customer Service Department

Excellent news, I am sure you all agree! I have no idea if it was anything to do with me, and to be honest I seriously doubt it. I imagine someone at Amazon took a close look at what they were getting involved with, and recoiled in horror, and dropped it like a hot potato.
But the Madeleine foundation is still inexistance, still a threat to the search for Madeleine. We must remain vigilant, and be ready for their next attmpt at derailing the ongoing search for a missing, abducted innocent little girl.

Update: 29 Jan, 2009.

Lord knows I have little enough respect for bennett and his repugnant exploitation of Madeleine and her family in order to promote some personal future political ambition. But when I stumbled upon THIS little gem on an internet forum, apparently penned by bennett himself, I discovered my disgust for him was actually capable of being increased. I also found out that bennett considers himself a Christian, and writes for several Christian newspapers. Bear that in mind as you read this.

Tony Bennett Says:

On Anorak December 7th, 2007 at 5:54 pm


Silent night, peaceful night
All is calm, all is ‘so right’
An evening out boozing, without any child
The latest sedatives, strong and not mild
Booze in heavenly peace
Booze in heavenly peace.

No silent night, no peaceful night
’Madeleine’s gone’, now start the fight
Off to the priest for a quick requiem mass
Claim an abduction, as bold as brass
The Find Madeleine Fund is born
The Find Madeleine Fund is born.

Silent night, we say we’re white
The PJ see us in a different light
Interviews and rogatories thrust in our face
Even the Pope says we’re a disgrace
Only a mattress in my cell
Only a mattress in my cell.

This is not poetry. This is the worst kind of toilet humour, not becoming a so called ‘Christian’ and certainly not appropriate considering the subject is the child he claims to be the true voice of.

I don’t know about you, but it makes me want to puke.


27 Responses to “Twisting the knife.”

  1. Dianeh Says:

    Tony Bennett is a disgraceful excuse for a man. I was about to write that the McCanns lawyers will probably get him for libel, as you cannot accuse someone of a crime even prefacing it with IMO. However, that is probably what he wants, as this will throw him in the limelight.

    I agree with your summation completely, I suspect he is an attention seeker of the first degree and a primary motive behind this whole sad sorry affair, is his need for the limelight. Which he pursues even at the expense of a missing little girl called Madeleine and her family, who have refused to give up searching for her.

  2. Rosiepops Says:

    I absolutely agree with you Vee and thank you for that article and thank you for putting on our forum.

    He is an attention seeker and yet another person who appears out to make money and gain publicity off of the back of this innocent child.

    Words cannot describe the utter contempt I feel for this person who in my opinion is abusing his power and using his ex profession to bring further pain and suffering which is wholly unnecessary.

    This is the same Anthony John Stuart Bennett that was Reprimaned at a Tribunal brought by the Law Society. An application was heard at the Court Room 3rd Floor, Gate House, 1 Farringdon Street, London EC4M 7NS on the 9th September 2003.Quote from the Court papers: “(iv) by virtue of the aforementioned the Respondent had brought the profession into disrepute and is guilty of conduct unbefitting a solicitor.” Just the sort of chap to run a ‘Foundation’, to charge you £10 for the privilege. The legal papers reveal a lot about Mr Bennett.

  3. Nigel Nessling Says:

    Thank you Rosiepops, it seems that even as a solicitor, he wasn’t a very good one!

  4. shingle Says:

    The snowball has been started, and is rolling downhill. I hope Bennet meets it at the bottom.

  5. Nigel Nessling Says:

    Good for you, shingle. Lets hope it’s not so much a snowball as an avalanche!

  6. joe Says:

    I hope Bennett and his minions pay for what they are doing to this innocent family. The one he is hurting the most is Madeleine. He and his minions are keeping people from looking for her. That’s the real crime here!

  7. jean Says:

    Dear Nigel
    Thank you so much for writing about the dispicable Tony Bennett. I have come across him previously on the Anorak website and all he has done is whip up comments from the nastiest and vile people of this world. I for one will certainly contact the ‘powers that be’ to try to ‘bring him down’. He should be sued for every penny he owns for pursuing the McCanns in the way that he has. Hopefully the Law will catch up with him, the sooner the better.
    We should concentrate on the good people like Brian Kennedy who has vowed to find Madeleine no matter how long it takes. That is the sort of person we should be writing about, not the scum of the earth. Madeleine is out there somewhere waiting to be found. Lets all concentrate on that and not give the evil people the satisfaction of writing about them.
    Best wishes Jean
    Best wishes. Jean

  8. Nigel Nessling Says:

    Thank you Jean, I couldn’t agree more. bennett is not fit to lick the boots of people like Mr Kennedy. I no longer use a capital letter at the start of his name when writing about him, as that confirs a level of respect he does not deserve.

  9. kate hughes Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with each of the posts here and jean is right when she says we should concentrate on the good people like Brian Kennedy and not the scum of the earth. Thank God for people like Brian Kennedy. A fine example of a decent human being.
    Kind regards. Kate

  10. Silvermist Says:

    Tony Bennett should be charged with Harassment, spreading hate etc One can only hope that the Mccann’s make an example of this silly man and take him to court for liable unfortunately it’s the only way to stop this idiot “what enjoyment can he have in all this persecution against 2 innocent parents and their missing child.”

  11. Hollysnan Says:

    What a vile excuse of a man. As if Kate and Gerry haven”t been through enough torture,he is Hell bent on persecuting them. I hope to God they sue him for all he is worth.What goes around comes around you detestable piece of scum!

  12. maggie Says:

    Kate and Gerry McCann are in a never ending nightmare who are trying desperately to keep a ‘normal’ life for the sake of their twins while trying to find their beloved Madeleine. Brain Kennedy and most of the world are behind the McCann’s giving them their support in any way they can. Then you have the likes of tony bennett the cheap lawyer who like most evil people hide behind some kind of religion trying to look good. His photo says it all-he looks like slime imho. This evil man also claims he won’t make any money from publishing his book, does he think we are all stupid? He may not get any money directly but never the less he WILL be making money. He and his little fan club should all be locked up for slander and harassment and the keys thrown away. If this man really cared about child neglect how come we haven’t heard of him before when there have been real cases of child neglect? I hope when this is all over the McCann’s will sue this vile man and all the other vile people that have spread hate and lies about them. I used to post on the Anorak forums until they shut down the thread and the lies and hate that was allowed by the moderators was unbelievable-they should all be sued-imho

  13. Shocked Says:

    So good to read a condemnation of this dreadful book from a benighted mind. I find it impossible to understand the motivation. I will certainly contact the AG as you suggest. I fear that Mr Bennett, in this particular case, is motivated largely by his dislike of the McCanns’ religion. He peddles lies about the couple, unsubstantiated and vicious rumours with no basis whatsoever in any evidence. He sows the vicious seeds of doubt in people’s minds and there they may grow into vile weeds and poisonous creepers.

    If a Christian, how does Mr Bennett cope with :
    “Thou shallt not bring false witness against thy neighbour.”

    If a Christian, he should be ashamed of his besmirching parody of a beautiful little carol, designed only to provoke admiring sniggers among the sad souls who haunt these weird internet sites. This shows the real Mr Bennett who lurks only just behind the false facade of sensible lawyer and decent human being.

    What is so difficult to see is how a lawyer, even if a not very good, and retired, can fail to uphold the essential principle of innocence before the law. The emotional reasons for his actions, his irrational hatred for these people, must overcome every normal impulse to decency and legality.

    The charitable assumption is that the man is totally unbalanced.

  14. jean Says:

    Hi Nigel (and Maggie – if she is still reading your blog. I’m sure it is the same Maggie who used to post on the Anorak site I was on until it shut down because the majority of the posters were for the McCanns, and we were getting too ‘cosy’ a group for it to continue).

    Nigel – do you remember that you invited me to go onto another forum. Well, I tried, but have not been able to access it. So please contact me again because I still am very involved in the search for Madeleine, and as I have said before will not rest until she is found.

    There was an article in one of the Sunday papers regarding Clarence Mitchell. He states that ‘For months now they (the McCanns) have turned down interviews because they are still searching through the files given to them by the Portuguese police, but …. There is another reason for their silence – ‘You reach a saturation point’ their spokesman admits. ‘People would say to us, ‘Oh it’s tragic, but we’ve almost had enough of Madeleine’. That was appalling to hear’.

    How heartbreaking is that piece of news. How on earth can people just forget, or get ‘fed up’ with their plight and more importantly, the plight of Madeleine.

    I still follow Matthew James the medium from Australia, who is certain Madeleine is still alive. His site gives me lots of hope, and when I feel as though there is no hope left I read his predictions and I feel positive again. His latest comments have definately given me a lift tonight.

    As far as the ‘vile one’ (namely t.b.) is concerned, the final statement by ‘shocked’ is the best yet – ‘The charitable assumption is that the man is totally unbalanced.’

    Best wishes to all McCann supporters – let’s keep supporting, searching and hoping that Madeleine will soon be home.


    • Nigel Nessling Says:

      Hi Jean, I’ll e-mail you as soon as I get a chance. And I agree, tb has definately got a screw loose, possibly more than one!

  15. Get Your Ex Back Says:

    If you ever want to see a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this post for 4/5. Detailed info, but I have to go to that damn yahoo to find the missed pieces. Thank you, anyway!

  16. Gary Says:

    Great reading. I just fail to understand what drives TB. Does he think he is a God well he does call himself a christian. I notice he never complained to you about his song “SONG FOR CHRISTMAS” I wonder why as this song will follow him everywhere he goes. Yet it was not posted on the 3A’s.
    Great posts from everyone here

  17. maggie Says:

    Hello Jean,
    Yes its me, the same Maggie that posted with you, steph, Isla and lots more good people (cant remember their names) on the Anorak site. Its good to see you are still supporting the McCanns and thanks to who ever started this forum.

    Hello Nigel, could I have the link to the other forum too please.

  18. Majic Says:

    Good article Nigel, concise and provides good background on these people. I would like to have a link to your site from my site, would you mind emailing me if I can go ahead and do this ?

    Many Thanks

  19. Dorothy Says:

    Mr Bennett voluntarily removed his name from the solicitors roll on the 15th October 2009

  20. Juan Preyer Says:

    well done.

  21. Andrei laser Says:

    I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  22. Carry Says:

    Very educating post, saved your blog with interest to read more information!

  23. denise Says:

    It is awful to be so full of hatred that this individual stoops to such low standards. A missing child is not an issue to be used as a way of making sick jokes.

  24. Crysta Vljeric Says:

    Interesting information. Thank you, you describe the topic very well

  25. Flower Says:

    I am glad somone is exposing this person and his ‘fiends’ sorry ‘friends’ I started looking at sites in relation to Madeleine after the report that she had been seen in Dubai. I hadn’t forgotton her I had just not been reading up so much. I innocently went onto a site where these people were and I was disgusted and really couldn’t believe what was being said. They seemed to be taking pleasure in making up their stories about what had happened to Madeleine, it made me feel sick. Why is it being allowed to be left on the internet?

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